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With The Wonder Weeks! – Baby monitor you can always hear and see your baby, wherever you are. Safe and with unlimited reach… (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G / LTE). Including two gifts from us to you to help with your baby’s sleep. A complete library of white noise and sleep music and a full chapter from the best seller The Wonder Weeks! about all the insights into your baby’s sleep behavior. Your baby will sleep quickly, easily, and safely. Product from The Wonder Weeks! that is trusted by millions of parents worldwide when it comes to the development of their baby. To use the baby monitor, you need two devices, and the app must be installed on both phones. One telephone stays next to your baby and you take the other with you. Simply link these telephones and you will always have your baby monitor at hand! This is what the baby monitor offers you: - Secure (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G / LTE) connection with unlimited reach. - Including information on all you need to know about sleep, from development during sleep to sleeping tips. - With white noise and music so your baby can fall asleep and to stimulate his/her development. You can even make a playlist with your favorite sleep sounds! - Live stream video monitoring. - Receive a notification when your baby cries. - Set the sensitivity yourself so that you only receive a notification when your baby is awake. - Easy to use and easy to operate. - Watch your baby live in HD video. - See how long your baby has been sleeping for. - Talk to your baby using the microphone.

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