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Dec, 2022


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Recover after your pregnancy – physically and mentally – supported by the world’s best experts. A complete recovery program for every woman who has had a baby. You have so much to deal with now you have a baby… so much has changed from your body to your mind, and you deserve the very best support with that. Personalized for you because every postpartum recovery is unique. With The Wonder Weeks! - Back To You, together we are going to completely recover after the delivery in nine months, step by step: fully, physically, and mentally and based on science. Together we are going to help your belly muscles to recover, work on your hormonal balance, and ensure that you can handle motherhood, mentally and physically, and enjoy it. And .... we will also help that incontinence and problems with sex as well. Regain your mental balance in your new role as a mother. Discover your source of self-confidence. All the things to get you Back To You after the pregnancy. You can try out the first seven days for free. Ranging from workouts to tips to self-tests. A fully personalized postpartum recovery program - Insights & tips from the world’s most renowned experts. Ranging from gynecologists to hormone experts and pelvic floor experts to sexologists. - Personalized low to high impact mommy-proof workouts aimed at a healthy and effective recovery, no matter how you gave birth. - Work on those parts that are important to YOUR unique recovery: your hormone balance, your nutrition, your sleep behavior, your posture, your breathing and much more. - Self-tests: Gain unique insights into the residual effects of your pregnancy on your body and mind. - Special attention to your pelvic floor with the Mommy-proof BTY Kegel exercises: learn to relax, train, and maintain the muscles. This means, no incontinence and no sexual discomfort. - All about the impact of nutrition, rest & relaxation, and posture & breathing on your recovery. Safe for every woman after the delivery: no matter how you gave birth. - Whether you just gave birth or gave birth some time ago - Safe to start during the first days after the birth - Safe after a cesarean section or vaginal delivery - It is never too late for a diastasis or prolapse to recover! - Not a quick fix workout program, but genuine long-term recovery. From pregnant to fit mom in body, mind, and spirit. The Wonder Weeks! wishes you and your baby a wonderful leap in life with this recovery program after pregnancy and the delivery.

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