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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



How to control All you need is a single finger and drag your unit. Your unit shootout automatically. (support joystick) Clear Boss stage as many as you can! Endless pop up of the space outlaw. You must destroy the space boss. Beware and avoid the various strikes of individual bosses. When you destroy the special bosses that appear every 5 stages turns, then you could get the chances to collect special items. Collect various spacecraft Penetration, explosion, fusillade and so on, they have their own specific types of shoout-out. Collect as many as you can, and finds our own favor. Challenge the infinite stages. Who shall challenge the mercilessness infinite stages?! Every one can challenge it, and you could become the top ranker. Adults, child, youth, without exception, everyone can enjoy the Galaxy Hero! Just play it! And relieve your stresses!

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