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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Cut out stickers from your photos using Sticker Maker Studio, export the stickers in PNG/WEBP format for print and use them across all communication channels. 1. Create a new collection. 2. Add photos from your gallery or camera 3. Cut out the most interesting part of the photo using your finger. You can retry as often as you wish until you get the perfect shape. 4. Save & Export png/webp files. The files you create/cut-out can be exported and used on any other app.

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A problem
عبدالله سيداحمد❤️❤️ on 2020-02-29
When you try to view a sticker pack it brings you here but you can’t check any sticker packs maybe it’s a bug please try to fix it
One Time Working
آل حسين on 2020-02-29
Only First Time Then I Can’t Send It to What’s App
مجدي بن عبدالله on 2020-02-29
يحتاج تحسين من ابتكارات
فارس الغيداني on 2020-02-29
ططاط حبه كبيره
sultan alsalam on 2020-02-29

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