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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



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Return the BTS view
arbic army on 2020-07-04
Return the BTS views, so that we do not turn against you strongly, because we have carried away the destruction of YouTube, and we have doubts that there are companies that pay for YouTube, and you see, we will play with value, like Arab players in Netflix, and see how often, but not all of the world, I mean, will destroy YouTube, see what we are joking, we throw To protect BTS, and to keep the fog of your uniforms weak, BTS presented the world, and to my knowledge, we would leave the whole year turned against you if you review the views, this is not a threat, but we say to you that we extend strength and this talk, and nothing according to me, we will forget OK, and repeat this, not a threat, OK, do not ignore me You will regret your injustice, go to BTS. I’m not kidding.
Jgdigshgdudhd jgdigs
disurhsb on 2020-07-04
JSU sobs idiots did idkidhdksor jfkdbiso idk judos idkvfif ifksodvf isobar idovdieieofbodpebid Helen’s isn’t jdkdbfi jfksodhfpw f to ending my life and my family is so excited and I’m so happy I got my sister in law I don’t jsigf was my name Brigid jdhdidbf ok irrkhrjhfdi has hdhdhdj d xjsjsis kxhsodbd xidjsidjxifkxifncidkxbs jsjdisjf is did jdndidnxidosjd iskdbidndod Sikhs ksodbkdiw idosbe dour kdooeeotidow oepruforknf good night I love this is nice I love it are you staying Nice you hbxhwhs jsbixbx jzkxjxid ISO’s is dished idndi jeidbdie jdibdieof ishdodbfoe idjwoddiekdo indie Isidro idjdidbfi uheidbfowk wipeout. Ishfisiwbcj jdowgfuw yencihekdvucd his got very very
رجعوا مشاهدتنا حقتنا لفرقة bts
ameeerraaaaa_99 on 2020-07-04
انتم السبب لازم ترجعوا لنا مشاهدتنا ثلاث سنيين وحنا ساكتين عنكم نطالبكم انكم ترجعون مشاهدتنا لانكم السبب بتجميد مشاهدتنا واذا ماتعرف منو حنا اقوى فندوم بالعالم الارميييز العالم يشهد على قوتنا ماراح نسكت لكم على ظالمكم لbts تحملوا نتيجه غلطكم لكم مدة معينه اذا مارجعت راح تندمون هذا مجرد تحذير راح نشيل النجمة لارجعت لنا كل المشاهدات مليييارررت ياظالمييينا حنا نتعب وانتم مو همكم انتبهوا راح نفضحكم اذا مارجعت لنا المشاهدات اصلا انتم السبب لهدجة حاقدددينن
Deleted views
. on 2020-07-04
BTS released a new music video this Thursday and many fans were streaming the video. The views kept going up but soon they started to go down and i recently found out that about 98 million views were deleted. This is very bad since many BTS fans worked hard to stream the music video and all their hard work has not been paid off. Please fix this problem
nourah. on 2020-07-04
BTS released a new music video this Thursday and many fans were streaming the video. Views continued to rise but soon began to decline and recently found that about 98 million views were deleted. This is very bad because many BTS fans have worked hard to broadcast the music video and not all their hard work has been paid. Please fix this issue
Youtube and learning
I A G on 2020-07-04
I use the YouTube for learning different things and I found it very helpful. In addition to this, YouTube provides a great role in spreading awareness and all kinds of information among people. Even an uneducated person can get a lot of benefits. Also, it is rendering its services without any discrimination.
شدخل امك انت ؟؟
on 2020-07-04
جعلك للساحق الماحق والغضب المتلاحق تفوت بضيق وتطلع بضيق وسته وستين بريق باين لو انك بريق يركض وراك الرغيف والرغيف يركض وراك انت بسياره والرغيف بطياره جعلك تخاوي الفيران من قل الجيران جعلك تنام بالخرابه من قله القرابه خلني ساكته بس مابي ادعي عليك .
رجع المشاهدات حق بي تي اس
رجع المشاهدات on 2020-07-04
الله ياخذك يا معفن رجع مشاهدت بي تي اس والله العضيم لو ما ترجعه ما يحصل خير يا كلاونننننن كبير الله ياخذك ويغرقك في نار جهنم قل امين ويلبسوك جزمه من حديد يحطونه جنب نار حتى من الحراره يذوب الحديد رجع المشاهداااتتتتت
Bts views
اليوتيوب ابن كلب on 2020-07-04
رجعععععععععععععععع المشاهدات ولا بتندم بسرررررععععه ترا بندعسك كل زق وانقلع رجع المشاهدات بلا كذب bts الوحيدين الي تسوي فيهم كذا يعني كللللل زززقققققققق يااااااااا خراااااااااااااا وانقلعععع رجع المشاهدات ولا بتندم
Taehyung_BTS on 2020-07-04
لقد قام اليوتيوب في تجميد مشاهدات اغاني فرقة bts لقد عملو عليها لوقت طويل وانفقو الكثير من المال لاظهار شيء يعجبنا انها فرقة عالميه ومحبوبه ليس من حقكم ابدا القيام بشيء كهذا انتم تسيئون في حقهم كثيرا

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