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ASTM V.C.F & W.C.F This application is a tool to obtain Volume Correction Factor & Weight Conversion Factor for calculations on petroleum product based on ASTM international standards (Table 54B & Table 56). User must input Density at 15 o C ( kg/m3 ) and observed temperature to obtain the Volume Correction Factor (VCF) & Weight Conversion Factor (WCF). Volume Correction Factor (ASTM Table 54B) For Generalized Products- Correction of volume to 15 o C against Density at 15 o C. Table 54B provide the Volume Correction Factors (VCF) for users to convert Gross Observed Volume (G.O.V.) to Gross Standard Volume (G.S.V.) at temperatures other than 15 o C to corresponding volumes at 15 o C. Weight Conversion Factor (ASTM Table 56) Table 56 provide the Weight Conversion Factor (WCF) for users to convert Gross Standard Volume (G.S.V.) to metric tons (in air)

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