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Jun, 2020



DBS is a bank, but we think like a technology company. We believe that banking should be virtually invisible: fast, natural, effortless, online. Why? Because your time is valuable. We want you to Live more, Bank less. Spend less time queuing at a branch, navigating complicated financial products and worrying about how to keep your money safe and make it work for you. Download DBS digibank mobile today to experience invisible mobile banking. Use DBS digibank mobile to: PayNow and transfer money to anyone fast instantly. Transfer money overseas with DBS Remit: same-day transfers, $0 fees. See your accounts, cards and investments—all in one place. Verify your transactions securely with Digital Token. Peek at your account balance without logging in. View your transaction history and eStatements. Apply for accounts, loans and credit cards. Get an overview of your finances with personalised insights to achieve your financial goals Grow your savings in fixed deposits, unit trusts and ETFs. Protect yourself: buy general insurance and life insurance.. Reset your card PIN instantly and replace or block your card. Ask digibot about your account, transactions or to apply for a loan Set up digital token for a more secure and seamless mobile experience Access other services that let you Live more, Bank less.

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Inflates download numbers with too many updates
Mhouses on 2020-07-02
App works fine. But it is supremely annoying that this app is constantly forcing you to download update after update when all the updates are minor and don’t change user experience in anyway, in a ploy to boost their download numbers and AppStore rankings. STOP IT WITH THE UNNECESSARY COMPULSORY UPDATES. You do NOT need 3 updates in a month, every month, unless your banking app security is so terrible that you need to fix it almost weekly? In which case DBS has bigger issues than the app. You only need to make updates compulsory for important security or UI issues, not every single minor tweak. And for the stupid corporate bosses who think app downloads are a good KPI - do you think this is angry birds or Pokémon go or something? Go use number of transactions or $ transacted on the app instead of downloads. It is expected that with utility apps like these people will download once and that’s it. Play dumb games, win dumb prizes, so here’s your 1 star review for all the compulsory unnecessary phone clogging updates, hope you like it.
zhenghao1 on 2020-07-02
DBS has consistently delivered a fantastic app experience. It is by far the most user friendly and functional mobile banking app in Singapore. Other local banks like UOB and OCBC should be ashamed of themselves. Even Citibank can take a backseat here. Yes I’ve used all their apps before. This day and age, you want as few headaches as possible. If you want to have a good banking experience, I highly recommend DBS as your primary bank. All other mobile banking experiences are utter crap. Shame on them.
No option to send secured message
Goh17 on 2020-07-02
When its near impossible to speak to someone on any bank’s hotline, the least banks can do is have an app with the option to send secured message. Sad to say most banks’ apps don’t. Probably to discourage customers from disturbing staff Please learn from Standard Chartered & be more inclusive by offering an option to send secured message. While your digibot has an option for fee waiver, it sends me to a page informing me of the various fees. I KNOW my fee, I am asking for a waiver!
Always crash with iPhone11
RohayaRoy on 2020-07-02
Since i changed my handphone from iphone8 to iphone11, thks apps always crash. When i tried to open the apps, it automatically exited. This happened many times. I had to delete the apps, shutdown my phone, switch it on back and re-install the dbs apps. It would only worked for the 1st 2 or 3 days then the apps will crash again and i cant access the apps at all! Very frustrating esp if u need to do some banking stuffs and even to check on balance, the apps refused to work!
Can’t switch off sounds
aaronloy on 2020-07-02
Can’t switch off sounds which are annoying as **** especially with the earphones on. It even plays when the phone is on silent. Invasive insights that can’t be switched off. And of course the only idiot to make insights a MAILBOX with NOTIFICATIONS that you have to clear. Unlike UOB and OCBC who had the COMMON SENSE to make it such that it is unobstrusive.
Buggy app
tphyllis on 2020-07-02
The DBS app used to be very reliable, but it seems like with the recent updates, it has become more buggy. I’ve had to delete and reinstall the app several times before I can launch the app. The app sometimes crashes when I’m using it too. It’s a useful app, so I do hope the developers will continue to improve on it.
OCBC UX still champs hands down
Bongsc on 2020-07-02
Sometimes I just want to know if someone has transferred me funds, and the amt. OCBC App: 1 tap and I get it DBS App: 7 taps (not kidding) - Tap login - tap 2fa method - if SMS (2fa code hidden so gotta tap on SMS inbox) - tap toggle back app - Tap input box - type in 2fa - tap select your acct to view
Very efficient app and easy to use
Kwt18 on 2020-07-02
Been using it for few months and takes me few minutes to transact multiple transfers and balance related matters. Like it very much and im very productive when using this app gor my finances. Great mobile app, will def recommend this to anyone bankingn with DBS / POSB...thanks and well done DBS team!
A House 1 on 2020-07-02
Has been a better experience than the previous version now that I can both do bank/money transfers locally, and also regionally. Although the tokens access are somewhat cumbersome, it’s for security at this point till a smoother way is thought out. Overall good kudos for this app from DBS.
Snx03 on 2020-07-02
The app and all is great but the history of payment is messed up. It is categorised in dates each day for what you’ve spent on but why is the data all wrong? It shows that i’ve made purchases on days when i did not even touch my card or my money. Please improve on this.

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