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Jun, 2021



SET UP YOUR DIGIBANK APP IN UNDER 3 MINUTES. (3 STEPS) - Step 1: Download DBS digibank app - Step 2a: Existing customer: Register with your DBS ATM/Debit/Credit Card number and PIN, or via SingPass Face Verification (Singaporean/PR only) - Step 2b: New customer: Sign up with MyInfo and start banking with a bank account, debit card, PayNow and PayLah! (for all nationalities – NEW!) - Step 3: Set up your Digital Token and you’re done! EVERYDAY BANKING MADE SIMPLE. - Peek at account balance without logging in - Open just one fixed deposit account for all currencies and change your maturity instruction in real-time - Apply for accounts, loans and credit cards - Get multiple products and services at one go with Starter Packs - Transfer money overseas with DBS Remit – same-day transfers, S$0 fees - Save time with Smart Shortcuts, based on your top actions - Move seamlessly between digibank and PayLah! with just a one-time login SMART SERVICES PERSONALISED TO YOU. - Manage money better, from paying bills and subscriptions, to tracking cashflow and growing your money with personalised insights - Get reminders on upcoming payments, insights on possible duplicated payments and sudden bill increases - Verify your transactions securely with Digital Token - Chat with digibot for help on your account, transactions, or even loan application – on-demand 24/7 - With the new insights tab, you get improved links and prefilled information. We’re making the next step in your banking journey more convenient, so you can focus on what matters the most. NAVIGATE MONEY WITH CONFIDENCE. - Investing in digiPortfolio has never been easier. You can now invest in new portfolios or monitor existing ones on-the-go. - Get a financial overview with personalised insights to help achieve your financial goals on our newly designed dashboard - View 'Your Net Worth' to see the big picture of your money, including other banks and government accounts - Make your money work harder with Singapore’s first digital investment advice feature - Looking to buy your first home? Simulate how this goal affects your future cashflow and CPF balances 10, 20 years down the road

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Some severe bugs of this App found on iPhone 12
[email protected] on 2021-07-25
Device: iPhone 12 System: iOS 14.4, 14.5, and 14.6 App version: all the versions since Nov. 2020 Bug description: 1: when open this App, the phone quickly starts to heat seriously, and usually when the App is closed, the heating will continue and restarting the phone is needed to stop the heating; 2: after closing this App and open several other Apps including “WeChat”, “Weibo” and “京东”, these Apps will all have no response and can only recover after restarting the phone; 3: after uninstalling this App, everything goes well; 4: when I start to use iPhone 12 in Nov. 2020, these bugs always exist, despite I have changed a new phone in Jan. 2021.
iPhone 12 Pro gets hot after using DBS app
Jtzzzzzz on 2021-07-25
Hi Team, Every time I use the DBS app my iPhone 12 Pro get super hot. Even just to use the app as a token, my phone gets super hot and many functions are not able to be used. I have to restart my phone constantly after using the App. This is really irritating, can the developers look into this. I see many other users are complaining of the same issue since the start of the year and still has not been solved Thanks
Cannot even log in
pingausin on 2021-07-25
I cannot log in the whole day and it just says system is encountering a problem. it’s whole day and when I call the costumer hotline he just said to install / uninstall and restart my phone. My phone is still updated with the app so how come he can say to change my phone to the latest IOS..pls fix the problem as it is really very difficult to do things without mobile banking
Drains battery like no other app!
SeekingAltruism on 2021-07-25
Terrible application for battery life. Drains about 2-3% every minute by doing not much activity. DBS: please fix this. There is no reason why this app should consume battery at this rate. Others: I would recommend to kill the app the moment you don’t need to use it. This is NOT one of those apps that you can afford to leave running in the background accidentally.
iPhone 12 will heat up after opening DBS app
Lalaloy on 2021-07-25
This app causes my phone to heat up and some other apps will also hang after that. Need to frequently restart my phone in order to operate properly. Developer of DBS app, please work on it soon!!! Otherwise I am having paranoia opening your app since it will freeze and hang most of my other apps right after!!! Your prompt action is much appreciated. Thanks.
Login page
Chee Wei Kian on 2021-07-25
No idea why in this current world this app still can do face recognition to login which this feature is a common feature in other banking app. This app cannot even remember user ID. Everytime login need to type user ID & password. Please work on this basic feature. Every a IT student also understands these basic. Please fix your basic.
Extremely buggy and poor app
Nsp7 on 2021-07-25
It takes so long for me to log in and view my accounts. I constantly receive errors when I access my accounts. My phone gets hot while using this app too. My transfer request did not happen even though the app showed me it was successfully transferred! This is too dangerous, I will be using the website until this app gets fixed.
duehfbf on 2021-07-25
Absolute garbage of an app. Scam alert keeps popping up it is so damn annoying and a hindrance. Can't even set up a digitoken how are you guys even functioning as a bank if you can't have an easy set up process. Garbage app developers
Glance in apple watch is buggy
glenn_noel on 2021-07-25
After turning on ‘glance in Apple Watch option’ in dbs app, I have to keep the app opened in the background. If it closes, the option to glance in Apple Watch is turned off. This makes it redundant and inconvenient. Please fix it
Unable to get rid of spam messages
PetriH on 2021-07-25
There is no option to opt-out of promo messages. Since notification has to be enabled to accept card payments and other functions, please add option to opt-out of spam! Or better yet, stop those spam messages in the first place.

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