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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Food Freedom is all about getting the food you want, whenever, wherever, however you want it. So, whether it’s oodles of noodles late night at the office or heaps of pizza to keep the kids happy at home, we’ve got you covered. Order from hundreds of the best local and national restaurants including Busaba Eathai, KFC, Carluccio’s, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and MEATliquor — as well as Deliveroo exclusives like Wagamama and Pizza Express. Food Freedom is the freedom to have all this delivered to your door in a matter of minutes, it only takes a few taps. Key features include: - Search restaurants by your postcode - Browse by the fastest delivery time - View restaurant menus and dish details - Place orders for now, later or tomorrow - Pay directly via card, phone or Apple Pay - Track the progress of your order in real-time - Add and store multiple payment methods Welcome to Food Freedom! Download the app today.

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Bao Courtliff on 2020-02-19
a beautiful game that would be perfect except for a bug that appears sometimes.!后来才知道进到网址 iOS3⒐čОm 可以玩满V元宝无限版创角就可以直接各种资源全都无限的网页,根本都不用充且轻松就能赢大R还有很多热门的游戏无限版 I can’t understand why people are cheating in multiplayer games. It is totally meaningless.I can only get ONE life but I suppose to have TWO lives afterwards.!Almost everything has been copied perfectly.I think Fun Race 3D should cut down the amount of time they use on commercials because the commercials bother me every time I finish playing a game. But overall the app is really fun! I recommend people to play this app.This game is sooo trash you don’t even play with real players there just fake people and I always get ads on this. And the caption is “THIS GAME IS SO HARD!The artworks and the contents are both great. Waiting for new updateIt’s ridiculous that my friend sends me a live and that one combined with the one that I requested from him earlier (which I haven’t received yet). I can only get ONE life but I suppose to have TWO lives afterwards. Also, 30 minutes for ONE live is too long and the time for requesting lives is too long. Please improve the lives restoring time and methods.Fun game!I shoot, then peek back into cover, but then they shoot me when I am already behind the wall. However, I am still looking forward to the updates to come. Thank you for your attention , developer.
Juleimy Cicero on 2020-02-19
The gameplay is average, idle hero collection game 后来才知道进到网络在【FRR9.Còm】的网页体验资源无尽的版本那里面能玩到这游戏的无限游戏币版本让你拿到手软Idk why but since 2 days ago my notifications suddenly turn off and when I posted something on ig, I don’t received any notifications at all and I was very confused because this thing never happened to me before. The first thing that I thought is that no one liked my post yet but when I go to my account profile and clicked on my pics that I posted just now, I saw there are 30+ likes and 3 comments on it but I don’t received any notifications yet. Also After playing this for a while I believe these reviews are rigged, 12 reviews on the same day with prises written in the same petty style, it’s so tasteless. But please understand my review to the game has nothing to do with your fake reviews, the game really isn’t good for the above reasons. I hope you will improve in your future productions, especially on the game design, faking reviews is secondary.
Nawana Chiommienti on 2020-02-19
Amazing ! Thank you for the developer, you're creative. 后来才知道进到网络在【ḞḐḐ9.ḈOṂ】的网页体验资源无尽的版本那里面能玩到这游戏的无限游戏币版本让你拿到手软Success will happen for you all, amen,Started playing when it came out to this, i've been playing it very much lately and i will keep playing it.This game has a lot of different levels for us to play and all of them are fun too. The pictures and the ways that they design the game are brilliant, especially the levels that require you to interact with things before you can find what you need. Hope that there will be more updates soon and I am really looking forward for the new levels!
If you know the restaurant, great. Otherwise silly app.
NearlyNormal99 on 2020-02-19
The app has very good service with live chat and the UX is decent. If you know the restaurant from which you’re ordering this is a breeze. But in case you don’t know the place, which to me is the point of this app, then the “rating” is not from users but from some silly internal team. I’ve been disappointed with a high rating for utterly rubbish restaurant so many times that I had to uninstall this app despite decent servicing capability. There are other options with transparency of the food quality. Ultimately food quality is what matters.
Disappointed & feels cheated by Deliveroo
Disappointed❗️❗️❗️ on 2020-02-19
When I made an order, encountered so many problems (eg: asked me to select drink but there is no option to select and can’t continue my order & can’t select promo vouchers, etc.....) And the app clearly stated that you won’t be charged when you try their “7 day free trial” delivery. But once you pressed the button, it’ll automatically deducted $14.90 from your account. Please be aware that Today they auto deducted $14.90 from my Visa card once I pressed.
If I could give zero stars I would
Muffythechef on 2020-02-19
The app is ok but Deliveroo is really really bad. After waiting an hour for my food, I was very horrified to check the app and keep seeing different rider names and sometimes no rider and the time just kept increasing. I had to call the service line and was told it’s better if I cancel my order. Bye bye Deliveroo! Never giving you another chance after previous bad experiences. Deleting you from my phone
Apps not user friendly
zxcvbnmssd on 2020-02-19
This apps is not feasible. Everytime launch the apps, it will prompt to confirm the location. Why do we need to confirm the location everytime we use the apps. Isn’t that it’s more convenient when we check out and select the location we want? The apps has our delivery history, still need to confirm location everytime using it. Really not convenient to user.
First order with Deliveroo
DanielTay on 2020-02-19
First order with Deliveroo, rider no show and had to get a replacement rider. Having some credit from customer service for next order is noted but is really not the point. I just want my food on time. What’s the point if this happens again the next time.
Great app except no order notes?
coefficientX on 2020-02-19
Great app. Lots of participation and good tracking of the ordering to delivery. One major flaw is the lack of option to state food order note eg tomato ketchup instead of chilli pls. Pls have a field to note special order remarks.
Useless app
RegiV on 2020-02-19
Just shows a whole bunch of restaurants. After placing orders “ We are really sorry..... .....Your card will not be charged. We would be delighted if you would consider ordering from one of our other restaurants.” Time waste

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