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The most frustrating bugs to exist
pwandun on 2023-02-07
Background: i have an account where i post instareels of my bouldering climbs with songs over them (from the audio function from reels). I dont get any monetary gain from it, it is merely for documentation of my progress and of the songs im listening to. 1. Whenever i use effects (filters what not) on my videos, they ALWAYS have this blinking effect OR go completely black. Causing me to reupload again and again to hopefully fix the problem. But it never EVER gets fixed and it is beyond frustrating. 2. My audios getting randomly removed from my video/ suddenly getting copyrighted (even doe there are tons of other instareels that arent copyrighted and get to use them) Why me?? Is it because of all the reposts ive had to do because Instagram constantly fails to allow my videos with effects to work? Its pissing me off so much 3. If u shadowbanned my account i expect some sort of notif rather than silently doing it, seriously whats wrong with the developers on this app
Notes feature
Lizzie.2000 on 2023-02-07
If I could give it 0 stars I would. What on earth is the purpose of the notes feature in the dms? It’s literally so in our faces for no reason at all?? The pfps are SO BIG they take up like 1/4 of the entire screen? Do you even know who your target audience is? This has been your worst update ever yall need to remove this absolute waste of space. DMs section are meant for messaging people, not seeing random peoples notes that no one even cares about. And if you don’t want to remove it cause you think “it’s so revolutionary”, at least decrease the size of the pfps to the ig stories size so we don’t have that right in our faces whenever we swipe to the DMs section. Y’all seriously need a better creative team cause your current one is appalling
Suggestion of other feature (hide of new post or story of people that we are following)
Huecego on 2023-02-07
Hi ! I would appreciate if Instagram can consider to add a feature whereby we can hide or have an option to not seeing new post/ story of some of the selected person we are following. Thanks & Best Regards! It would be great if I can group my follower and select all/specific group or hide from specific group for my post.
Crashing very often!
Anjira B on 2023-02-07
I love Instagram, no doubt about it. But from past few month I am noticing, whenever I try to edit the reels that I have saved in my draft, the app keeps crashing and not letting me edit the reel. I am using iphone 13, my software is up to date and yet Instagram keeps crashing while editing my reels!
Disabled my account
hahaanajbdsnjhb on 2023-02-07
Instagram literally disabled my acc for no reason and didn’t even respond to my emails or anything and didn’t even review my acc for 30 days they just deleted my acc without any notice or anything I want to take legal action against Instagram stupid app!!!!!!
instagram please fix this
gykkkxxxxx on 2023-02-07
my new account got suspended for spam after i tried to follow my friends again when my first account got suspended. please understand that sometimes we are just trying to follow our friends and acquaintances
I have one issue with Instagram app
CRAZY_RISHAB_ on 2023-02-07
I have iPhone 12 and in this phone the vedio colours is good but when I am posting reel in Instagram then my quality of my vedio is not good and colour get dull automatically
Currently Going Through Some Trouble
imansaat on 2023-02-07
can yall stop letting bots especially seggs bot accs liking my stories, it’s annoying. like idk i thought ayll have verification and stuff for making accounts…
Crazy Bugsy
Fendy D' Rasta on 2023-02-07
What crazy bug is this notifying me every seconds from just ONE(1) post for over hundreds times!!!! Screwed bugsy updates you gave IG!!!
Monetisation status
Pradeep_rock.21 on 2023-02-07
I am eligible for monetisation, but my Instagram, not showing bonus option, please support me Instagram team

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