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Dec, 2020



Photon AU - Midi Recorder with Pad playback & Groove NOTE: You need a suitable host to run this AUv3 midi app (eg AUM, Audiobus, apeMatrix, Cubasis etc). The standalone version is for the manual & file import. Record your midi performances (from a keyboard, sequencer or arpeggiator) using this audio unit in your DAW then save/export them as standard midi files via email or directly to other apps. Load midi files using Airdrop (uses the standalone version) & select your track to import in the AU version. Up to six pads can be loaded with midi file data & played back with variations in transposition, loudness, tempo, parts defined as start/duration You can also load a midi file as a Groove file to allow it to replace midi timing or velocity in your recorded/loaded midi file thereby conforming your buffer midi to the groove pattern (eg trancegate effects) Most controls automated as AU Parameters (quick record, pad controls, pad playback etc) Full 29 page Manual available here Iphone version coming soon with universal app

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