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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Revolut is an account designed to help manage your money better, anywhere in the world. Unlike the banks, we speak to our customers like humans, we don’t add hidden fees and we put technology at the heart of everything we do. Think instant spending notifications, built-in budgeting, buying and selling cryptocurrencies and an easy way to spend and send money abroad with the real exchange rate. Pretty neat, right? Open an app-based account with us in just a few minutes and join over 6 million people who are experiencing a radically better way to manage and control their money. *Features are subject to availability in your market. Please note our cryptocurrency product is not available in Singapore. Manage your money • Get instant spending notifications after every card payment • See how much you spend each month on things like groceries and transport • Set up monthly spending budgets for things like restaurants and bars • Round up every card payment and save up your spare change Spend money abroad • Spend abroad in over 150 currencies with the real exchange rate • Hold and exchange 24 currencies in the app with the real exchange rate* • Protect yourself abroad with our affordable overseas travel insurance* Transfer money abroad • Transfer money abroad with the real exchange rate • Send and request money from friends and family at the touch of a button • Set up recurring payments in seconds* • Split the bill with friends and family and we’ll take care of the math Cryptocurrencies* • Buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies at the touch of a button • Get instant exposure to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and XRP Security the way you want it • If you lose or misplace your card, just freeze/unfreeze it from within the app • Turn on and off things like contactless, ecommerce and swipe payments • Speak with one of our friendly agents with 24/7 customer support What the media say about us “Revolut now let’s you cheaply trade Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum” - Next Web “Look out high street banks, the Revolut is coming” - TechCrunch “Revolut are chipping away at the big banks by offering a slick app and slashed fees” - New York Times

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Stay with YouTrip
pancgom on 2020-02-20
After reading all the reviews, doing a lot of research, Revolut looks like it is trying to do a lot of things with no focus to what it should do. Users getting locked out, unable to use funds, verification failure, etc... What kind of organization takes your money and locks you out? What kind of app takes your money then asks for more verification to use your own money? I would strongly recommend using Youtrip for all your travel needs FX. It does it right and does it good. If YouTrip doesn’t cut it for you try Wirex. As Revolut grows its doesn’t seem to bother about its users. Let Revolut get their processes and start listening to its users then perhaps use their services. Remember YouTrip or Wirex or Kubia could be worth a shot.
Worst Customer Service Ever!
Premium Metal on 2020-02-20
Revolut has the worst customer service ever. Go to their Facebook and read all the negative comments there! Despite being a premium metal card customer, they put me on hold for 3 weeks and still counting. After conducting numerous SOF reviews, they still limit my account. Their CSO talked down to me, implying that I lied. Asked very detailed questions for my transactions, and proceeded to question my reasons. My fund is stuck inside, and I shall close my account when they decide to reply. With so many restrictions, they might as well just tell what kind of transactions that I can do!
Horrific experience
Luca londoner on 2020-02-20
The only thing that this Revolut does ok is transferring funds in my home currency which is not something I need it for. Every time there was another currency involved I ended up incurring into even more, and substantially so, than my regular bank. Liars. Absolutely horrific experience.
greatest thing ever since sliced bread!
saadkamalsg on 2020-02-20
There is a lot to love about Revolut. This is what regular banking should have been like. I have stopped using all my cards and solely use Revolut. The slap from MAS to cap everything to 30k year is probably the only downside right now.
Still have a lot of refining to do
Haiqal kent on 2020-02-20
Don’t get me wrong the app looks friendly usable, i made a virtual card, but it didn’t tick the list of basic banking app. I made a transfer from revolut account to my other bank account. It took so long just to make bank transfer.
Poor compliance team
azyx3131 on 2020-02-20
Received a warning from compliance stating I have been flagged for potential misuse and that account will be frozen. I hope that the compliance team can be more thoughtful towards customers who have high spending behaviors.
I love Revolut
ClaudiaCXY on 2020-02-20
Amazing app I use it every day, waiting to use it when I go overseas. Only gripe is they haven’t allowed buying stocks and financial products in Singapore like Robinhood in the US. Waiting for that day fingers crossed
Just starting to use
ExpatMax on 2020-02-20
Saves me money. Fairly easy to use. Very versatile. I am able transfer fund to most location w no transaction fees. I can also set the exchange rate to auto choose the high for the day so I get more bang for my buck
Near good
Ong Xiang 王翔 on 2020-02-20
If u support Apple Pay in Singapore, I'll give 5 stars. If u have MasterCard based cards, it'll be perfect to me.
Absolutely unresponsive
redbulltcp on 2020-02-20
Does not reply to chat while account is frozen. Better to go with TransferWise.

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