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Mar, 2023


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SPADES is a popular trick-taking card game similar to Hearts, Bridge, Euchre, Gin Rummy and Tarneeb; however, the spades is always the trump suite PLUS the Ace of Spades is the strongest card. Spades Masters brings you the latest in graphics technology and ironed out mechanics to ensure you enjoy a well balanced and streamlined gaming experience right at your fingertips. . You can play in Solo or Team (Partners) modes each with special events and daily benefits to maximize your winnings. Play now and prove that you can become a true SPADES MASTER. ====== Features ====== FREE TO PLAY - Free to play for everyone. FREE DAILY REWARDS Collect your free rewards and coins to play in higher rooms and win more. COMPETE IN DIFFERENT GAME ROOMS Refine your Spades skills in rooms of various skill level or join Daily Events for massive awards. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS Compare your statistics with other players, earn badges to become a Spades Master or a Spades Royale player. LEVEL UP Spades Masters well balanced economy system will always give you a challenge and a fair playing field for everyone. GUEST MODE Some people prefer to stay ninja's. We get it. Come right in and stay anonymous. SOCIAL MODE Bring your friends into the game to grow your Spades Ambassador profile and get more bonus. CHAT, EMOTICONS, COOL MOVES , PROFILES and MORE! Spades Masters has all the features for a social Spades game experience. Check out the game and let us know your feedback!

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