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With Spotify, you can play millions of songs for free. Listen to the songs you love and enjoy music from all over the world. •Search for your favourite song, artist, or album. •Discover a world of new music, videos, and podcasts. •Enjoy playlists made just for you. •Make and share your own playlists. •Find music for any mood and activity. •Listen on your mobile, tablet, desktop, PlayStation, Chromecast, TV, and voice-controlled speakers. Download music on Spotify to start building your biggest, best ever music collection. Spotify also offers thousands of podcasts, including originals that you can't find anywhere else. You can also enjoy ad-free music and download songs with a Premium subscription. Search for any artist or album, and listen for free. Make and share playlists and build your biggest, best ever music collection. Get inspired with personal recommendations, and readymade playlists for just about everything. Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Create and share playlists, or find curated lists for every genre, mood or activity. Discover new music, videos, and podcasts that you’ll love. Tune in to hundreds of personalised radio stations featuring your favourite and up-and-coming artists. Spotify for your Apple Watch gives you the ability to seamlessly access and control your favourite music and podcasts from your wrist. Listen absolutely free with ads, or get Spotify Premium. Free on mobile: • Play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode. • Browse readymade playlists for every mood and moment. • Create and share your own playlists. • Stay on top of the charts. • Get your personal Discover Weekly playlist every Monday. • Keep discovering with Release Radar and New Music Friday. • Stream radio based on any genre or artist. • Make collaborative playlists with friends. • Search for live music near you. • Stream videos and podcasts. Free on tablet: • Play any song, any time. Premium features: • Play any song, any time on any device: mobile, tablet or computer. • Enjoy ad-free music. • Listen offline. • Get better sound quality. Download Spotify today and enjoy listening to the music that you love. Privacy policy: Terms of use: Love Spotify? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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Bigdikdonald on 2020-08-03
Ever since 2 updates ago, I have encountered multiple bugs and crashes. I am on a relatively good-conditioned iphone 6s with ios version 13.5.1 a few days ago all my downloads were deleted, despite my phone having 15GB of internal storage remaining. when I checked my storage, spotify was still occupying 14GB of data (excluding the app), which meant that the downloads were still there but had somehow gone missing. just today, my app keeps crashing without fail when in online mode in the app, but functions smoothly in the offline mode. however, if I start playing with my internet toggled off, but exit the app prior to turning my internet back on again, it does still continue playing. the issue arises when I enter the app again with my internet on. I was hoping that update 8.5.66 would resolve this but the issue still persists. please fix
The new update.
LoLoMc3476 on 2020-08-03
Uh hi. So with this new recent update, I think you removed the function to view of all the songs of the artist? You know, the one that right after you click on the artist page and above the playlist and albums of the artist. Could you please bring back that function? I feel that it’s harder for me to find their songs as I have to go to YouTube to listen to their song to see if it is to my liking. Then, I can access to all of the artist’s songs and I can listen a small part of it to see if I like it. Please bring back that function... Thx if you are reading this..!
Amazing and Perfect app
jacob89lee on 2020-08-03
An absolutely well-crafted app with a simple, user-friendly interface. Offers clear and high definition music as well as a library featuring a plethora of podcasts and audiobooks - all available once subscribed with an economical monthly fee. Seamless syncing and playback between devices also makes this app truly perfect and ideal in every way imaginable, for me at least. Been using this app on all my devices for years and absolutely love it.
No canvas
Shawol(: on 2020-08-03
Seen so many people share songs on Instagram with canvas. Yet I don’t even have button/option to do so. Thought it was my app so I updated every single time there’s a new update. Nope, nothing. Thought it was my IOS so I updated, nope nothing. Googled and found some tips asking me to delete, reinstall, clear cache. Nope nothing. And I’m using Spotify premium what’s up? What’s the problem?
mayayamat0 on 2020-08-03
I love this app as i can just listen anywhere and everywhere to my music as long as it is downloaded! Plus without ads, it is a great experience! Though i have premium, i would recommend giving the unsubscribed people more music skips and be able to just pick the music they want. Although you may put the ads on, maybe it is to sponsor companies and earn more money? Overall, it is a great app!
Spotify app won’t open on my iphone
Siyingalaxy NG-3573-5902 on 2020-08-03
Hi there. I’m a paid user and today all of the sudden i couldn’t open Spotify app at all. Initially i thought it was the storage capacity so i tried clearing it till there are left with 8GB left. However it still can’t resolve the issue. I shut down and restart my iphone, reinstall the app and it’s still the same. Please kindly advise on this. I’m using Iphone XS btw. Thanks Siying
Crash Report (updated)
Surrealfrog on 2020-08-03
The app is great but after the recent update my spotify would crash every time i on the wifi or mobile data (internet) if i leave the app with the song running and on the internet after it will work but when i enter the app it will crash again...could u pls fix this? update: Fixed around an hr, very fast and would definitively recommend using this app
Love this but has a few problems
D game master on 2020-08-03
I just downloaded Spotify a few days ago and it’s awesome. However, there could be a few changes made that could make the app better. The subtitle system for songs is great but a bit laggy, literally. The daily mixes are great but it would be better is there was more songs or lists. Thanks for making such a great app!
Hscb ... Hscb on 2020-08-03
hiii i lovee spotifyy ❤️❤️ its greatt <3 i love how younguys put the lyrics hehe but can you guys add a option to korean lyrics? like in korean itself (감사) n (gamsa) because they're a lot of international kpop fans hehe but do include the org korean too! n like make us choose ^^ tysmm
Horrible interface
reywx on 2020-08-03
I always thought the app was difficult to navigate but gosh, it’s actually gotten worse since the last time I used it. I was thinking of switching but I’ll be sticking with Apple Music, the only reason I’m still using this app is because of those “Spotify exclusive” podcasts.

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