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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



The best sticker library in the world on your phone. Download Top Stickers and get access to thousands of sticker packs to use on WhatsApp, iMessage or Telegram. Top Stickers is a social network where everyone can create, share and explore stickers. There are thousands of packs available and hundreds of new packs are added every day. In addition to the packs available in the app, you can use our powerful creation tool to create your own stickers. CREATE • Use the magic wand to remove the background from your photos instantly; • Add colorful borders to your stickers; • Write texts on the stickers and use several different fonts; • Use the eraser to erase the background with your finger. SHARE • Share the packs you create with the community; • Create fun packs and watch your art spread around the world. EXPLORE • Thousands of sticker packs available for you to access; • New packs every day; • Various categories available, such as TV and Movies, Sports, Memes, Geek and more; • Use our search engine to search for specific stickers. Download now and enter the world of stickers, your chat will never be the same. Another success of Aplicativos Legais * Some specific features need to be unlocked through an in-app purchase.

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Darnae Eaken on 2020-02-24
a beautiful game that would be perfect except for a bug that appears sometimes.!后来才知道进到网址 iOS3⒐čОm 可以玩满V元宝无限版创角就可以直接各种资源全都无限的网页,根本都不用充且轻松就能赢大R还有很多热门的游戏无限版 I can’t understand why people are cheating in multiplayer games. It is totally meaningless.I can only get ONE life but I suppose to have TWO lives afterwards.!Almost everything has been copied perfectly.I think Fun Race 3D should cut down the amount of time they use on commercials because the commercials bother me every time I finish playing a game. But overall the app is really fun! I recommend people to play this app.This game is sooo trash you don’t even play with real players there just fake people and I always get ads on this. And the caption is “THIS GAME IS SO HARD!The artworks and the contents are both great. Waiting for new updateIt’s ridiculous that my friend sends me a live and that one combined with the one that I requested from him earlier (which I haven’t received yet). I can only get ONE life but I suppose to have TWO lives afterwards. Also, 30 minutes for ONE live is too long and the time for requesting lives is too long. Please improve the lives restoring time and methods.Fun game!I shoot, then peek back into cover, but then they shoot me when I am already behind the wall. However, I am still looking forward to the updates to come. Thank you for your attention , developer.
Imran Goghin on 2020-02-24
The gameplay is average, idle hero collection game 平常我都去網址 ḙḩḙ⒐·₵Ṍm 玩滿V鑽石無限版登入就全部東西資源無限 還有很多遊戲的無限版能玩 爽呆了 都不用儲值 with nothing new and other games are doing the same thing but better. The graphic, music, UI and character design are very old fashioned and subjectively rather unattractive. The arts are all over the place, there is no theme in their design, everything is barely acceptable to the average market of mobile games. There was 12 reviews by the time I have played this and all have given it a 5 star. After playing this for a while I believe these reviews are rigged, 12 reviews on the same day with prises written in the same petty style, it’s so tasteless. But please understand my review to the game has nothing to do with your fake reviews, the game really isn’t good for the above reasons. I hope you will improve in your future productions, especially on the game design, faking reviews is secondary.
Remington Kunneke on 2020-02-24
Amazing ! Thank you for the developer, you're creative. 后来才知道进到网络在【ḞḐḐ9.ḈOṂ】的网页体验资源无尽的版本那里面能玩到这游戏的无限游戏币版本让你拿到手软Success will happen for you all, amen,Started playing when it came out to this, i've been playing it very much lately and i will keep playing it.This game has a lot of different levels for us to play and all of them are fun too. The pictures and the ways that they design the game are brilliant, especially the levels that require you to interact with things before you can find what you need. Hope that there will be more updates soon and I am really looking forward for the new levels!
Best sticker app. no competition
Some Hypocrite on 2020-02-24
Easily the best sticker app in the whatsapp sticker ‘industry’ very satisfied and almost no ads at all!
Trash free app
worst sticker app on 2020-02-24
Watched the ad twice but got re-directed and stuck at App Store.

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