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Dec, 2022



This app contains the 2022-23 aircraft ground de/anti-icing fluid holdover times (HOTs) and related guidance as published by Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Key Features: • DUAL FUNCTIONALITY: HOT Calculator calculates HOTs for current conditions based on weather/fluid info entered by the user. PDF Viewer allows navigation of HOT guidance documents in individual PDF files. • HOT CLOCK: Shows time elapsed since fluid application; progress wheel indicates status of HOT; critical alerts are provided when lower (optional) and upper HOTs are reached. • DSHOTs: The holdover time calculator incorporates degree-specific HOTs for Snow, Snow mixed with Ice Crystals, and Snow mixed with Freezing Fog for Type II, III and IV, 100/0 fluids as provided by Transport Canada and the FAA. • CHANGEABLE SETTINGS: Customize your authority, HOT table type (standard or adjusted), HOT alerts (lower, upper, both) and time zone (local or UTC). Enable or disable DSHOTs functionality and METAR functionality. Choose your colour scheme, with light and dark modes, using the themes setting. • EVENT LOG: Each time you start the HOT Clock an event will be created with all pertinent event details. Access this data in the More tab. Events can be exported via email either individually or in aggregate. They can also be deleted. Note: Event log data is stored locally on your device. Developed by APS Aviation Inc., the company responsible for developing and managing the holdover time table data on behalf of Transport Canada and the FAA for the last two decades. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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