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Jan, 2023



Deep Dig is an advanced DNS lookup utility with DNS trace support and history. With it you can quickly lookup DNS records by simply specifying record types, custom servers, ports, and other options right in the query, like you do in the dig command line utility. For example, if you need to lookup domain name server records for domain from authoritative servers, then you can simply type in the following query: ns +trace FEATURES · support for A, AAAA, ANY, CNAME, PTR, NS, MX, SOA, SRV records · support for "-t type" option or just add record type into query · support for "+trace" and "+all" options typed in query/hostname field · support for custom DNS server and port via "-h host" and "-p port" options · support for custom DNS server "@server:port" option typed in query · support for DNS queries to local multicast IP addresses (automatically) · support for querying Bonjour/mDNS servers · support for querying LLMNR servers · automatic reverse DNS (PTR) record lookup when you type in IPv4/IPv6 address · automatic Geo IP country lookup on resolving an IP or domain name MORE GREAT APPS · Spyglass - augmented reality & GPS navigator · Scany - Wi-Fi/LAN network scanner

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