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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



View a series of videos from Monash University to find out about conceptual playworlds, and how you can best design and implement them for your early childhood context. Professor Marilyn Fleer provides guidance, as well as examples to support your understanding. Armed with this knowledge, take video clips to capture imagination-in-play moments during playworld activities in your early childhood setting. Add information about the videos, and choose to save important clips for later discussion. The app is especially designed for use by educators who will take part in professional development research workshops held by Monash University. This app has been developed by Monash University, through funding from the Australian Research Council DP180101030. Features: • Six informative videos about conceptual playworlds • An option to record 30-second video clips in either normal or selfie mode • An option to continuously capture 30-second video clips • A ‘clips for discussion’ area, where captured videos can be saved • No in-app purchases or ads

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