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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Kahoot! Learn Chess by DragonBox is an immersive, interactive game for kids (recommended for age 5+) and adults who’d like to learn to play chess and challenge their minds. Join grandmaster Max on her adventure to solve puzzles and beat bosses across multiple levels". When you complete the adventure you’ll be ready to take on your friends and family in a real-life battle for the grandmaster title! **REQUIRES A SUBSCRIPTION** Access to the content and functionality of this app requires a Kahoot!+ Family or Premier subscription. The subscription starts with a 7-day free trial and can be cancelled at any time before the end of the trial. The Kahoot!+ Family and Premier subscriptions give your family access to premium Kahoot! features and a collection of award-winning learning apps. Adventurous learning The main goal of Kahoot! Learn Chess by DragonBox is to introduce beginners to chess rules and strategies so they can apply this knowledge and skills on a real board. Through a smooth game progression, you’ll be introduced to each chess piece while exploring six different worlds together with grandmaster Max. Step by step, you’ll solve chess situations with more and more pieces, and learn to apply more and more chess rules. Eventually, you’ll meet bosses who challenge you to use your newfound skills in a game of chess. Pedagogical steps - Learn how different pieces move and capture. - Learn the notion of checkmate and simple checkmating patterns. - Learn to complete simple tactical and strategic tasks. - Intro to basic checkmating techniques against a lone king. - Complete games versus a basic chess engine. Kahoot! Learn Chess by DragonBox is designed to create an experience that is not only immersive and fun but also provides cognitive training and qualitative learning. Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy

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