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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Trouble falling asleep? Make It Rain! We offer multiple calming and relaxing sounds for you to fall asleep and have a great night's sleep! Our app doesn't track you, offer advertisements, or interrupt you or your sleep in any way. Here are our 10 hours long real rain recordings: - Classic Rain - Rain in Nature with Thunderstorms - Rain on Window with Thunders - Rain on Foggy Mountain with Thunders - And others! Want to hear the same perfect rain sound in a loop? Pick from multiple loop Rain sounds: - Light Rain in Nature - Medium Rain with Thunderstorms - Rain with Loud Thunders - Rain Aftermath with Distant Thunders - Rain with Drips and Close Thunders - Moderate Rain in City - Rain on Car Window - And others! All sounds are actual real rains, storms, or thunderstorms recorded with high-quality microphones. We don't use computer-generated 'white noise'. We're also adding new sounds constantly! Other features of the app: - Great user interface - Sleep timer: Stop the sounds after a predefined time - No ads, popups, or other nagging alerts Make It Rain supports AirPlay playback and play/pause via headphones remote. You can also find Apple TV & macOS apps and all sounds will unlock on all devices once you buy the premium package. NOTE: An internet connection is required to play any sound. Make sure you're not rate-limited by your provider or ISP. Download Make It Rain today and get a better night's sleep tonight!

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