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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



MiWiFi is a simple app that keeps track of all your WiFi networks while storing the passwords securely in Keychain.  Once you enter the necessary network information, a beautiful QR code will be generated for you that, when scanned, will prompt that person to join that specific network.  MiWiFi uses FaceID to retrieve passwords which help to keep your info more secure. This can be turned off in Settings. You can also easily print the QR code and network information or share any networks you have saved using the new iOS share sheet. Light and Dark mode is supported and will change with your system settings. For the networks that are more commonly used, you can favorite them so they always stay at the top. MiWiFi makes use of some great iOS 13 features such as: - Two Finger Drag to multi-select items and bulk delete - Context Menus - Light & Dark mode I hope you find this little utility app useful!

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