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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



Save space on your device! Compress your videos quickly and safely to save tons of storage on your device. Choose any of the following qualities for your videos: · Low · Medium · High · Original Maybe you wonder why there is an "original" quality if what we want is to compress videos, right? Simple, we will not only compress your videos but we will convert them to any of the following formats: · MP4 · MOV · M4V So maybe you just want to convert and keep the original quality. Isn’t that convenient? If you are an expert on the subject you may like to know that you can also choose between these two popular codecs: · H264 · HEVC Best of all, you won't have to convert video by video like basically any other app.
Select your preferred settings, select all the videos you want to convert and hit convert. The app will do the rest. WhatsApp Mode Forget about cropping long videos into pieces and start sending complete and long videos though WhatsApp. When using this function EVC will compress your video in a way that it will be elegible to share it via WhatsApp in its entirety.  How does this work? EVC will analyze your video's size, resolution, bitrate, and so on. Then it will determine the best configuration so the video can be sent through WhatsApp while maintaining the best quality posible. Did we forget something? Send us your questions to [email protected]

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