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Get moving. Get fit. Get rewards! The Club Wellbeing App makes fitness more fun and rewarding. Simply walk 5,000 steps a day to earn Clubpoints daily, which can be redeemed for great rewards at The Club. Here’s how it works: 1. Sign up for a free membership to The Club 2. Log in to Club Wellbeing App with your the Club account and start walking 3. Walk 5,000 steps a day to earn Clubpoints. Don’t forget to synchronize your step count data daily to Club Wellbeing App to earn Clubpoints. 4. Enroll the selected insurance plan anytime on Club Wellbeing App to earn more Clubpoints 5.. Shop with your Clubpoints on Club Shopping, Club Travel and more 6.. Enjoy your rewards and a healthier you! Health app Integration - Club Wellbeing App retrieves your step count data from Health to track your daily steps. Please choose “Allow” in Health app to enjoy Club Wellbeing App’s Reward Program. *Terms and conditions apply. The Clubpoints giving out in this Reward Program during the Promotion Period is limited. The Club shall have the right to terminate or suspend this Reward Program’s Promotion Period without prior notice.

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