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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



SIMLEAF IS A HIGHLY ADVANCED 3D CANNABIS GROW SIMULATOR. Wrapped in a fun, 3D game-like environment is a sophisticated learning platform that navigates through the complexity of the marijuana grow process with elegance and simplicity. In this unique app people can experience the art of growing in a realistic way without a large investment in equipment or classes. You can manage light, temperature, humidity, water levels, nutrients and pH levels to produce a unique plant each time. During the grow process, you have the ability to rotate and zoom to examine their plant in high resolution detail. Along the way useful tips and educational information are available to guide and inform. When a successful plant is grown, you can keep a mother plant and crossbreed to capture great genetics, perfect a grow, experiment with technique and share photos of your plant. LEARN • PLAY • GROW • Developed by real growers using accurate scientific data. • Each cannabis plant is unique and the outcomes are directly related to how you care for the plant. • Like a Virtual Pet your plant will remind you to take care of it daily. • Hands on learning for those that want to grow or just want to learn the basics for new career opportunities. GROW SYSTEM Accurate model of a Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponic system - an excellent method for beginners and experts alike providing ease of setup and maintenance, fault tolerance, and its ability to grow big plants, and big potent medicinal buds, fast. GENETICS & PROPRIETARY PHYSICAL SEED MODELING All aspects of how a plant looks and grows are controlled by the genetic information. Each seed variety has its own genetic factors producing unique, one-of-a-kind plants.. Taking a mother plant captures the genetics of the particular seed, so clones grown from it will have the identical characteristics. The genetic possibilities are endless! GENETIC INFORMATION REPRESENTED: For Buds: quantity, shape, size, bracts, color, sugar leaf quantity, trich coverage, aroma, taste, effect, THC and CBD levels. For Leaves: number of fronds, thickness, length, angular deviation, propensity to purple as plant matures. For Stems: thickness, width and height, propensity to branch, length of stretch phase, speed of growth, propensity to stretch for light, feeding requirements and tolerances for all macro and micro nutrients, damage rates, branch angles and more. BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS simLeaf uses the Metal Framework for next level performance and capability in a true 3D environment.

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