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Feb, 2023



Have you ever wished you had multiple close friends lists so everyone would only see things they actually should? Your wish just came true! Create your lists and start sharing, you will love this new way of interacting. A New Approach to Your Close Friends Close Friends is a photo sharing app that lets you connect with your different groups easily and share contents with more privacy. Now You Have Circles Create a circle by choosing a group of people you want: It may be your closest friends, family, co-workers, people you flirt, or a group of people you met at a book club. Share contents with each of your circles separately, it is up to you to decide who will see which moments of yours. Enjoy this more relaxed and private way of sharing, nobody will know if you put them in a circle or not. Have a Different Look at Your Circles You will have a different feed for each of your circles, consisting of photos shared by the respective members of that circle. So will everyone else. A photo you share with a specific circle of yours might end up in someone’s Besties circle, Nerds circle or even both of them. You will never know! Your Close Friends Are With You All Day Add a CloseFriends widget to your home screen to see selected friends’ updates all day along!

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