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"Moby Thesaurus II" by Grady Ward 30,260 root words, with 2,520,264 synonyms and related terms. The largest synonym resource around... Powered by Enfour's acclaimed "UniDict® Engine", this is the only iOS/macOS dictionary platform with inter-application linking. Meaning "Companion Synonyms" works directly with all other UniDict dictionaries like "American Heritage®", "LDOCE" and "Oxford Dictionaries". Main features: ● real-time progressive look-up ● wildcard searches for unknown spellings and quizzes ● Scrolling index overview ● partial and wildcard searches ● Hyperlinks from all entries ● Round-trip links out to supported dictionaries * ● bookmarks with notations ● automatic history ● "Retina Display" support ● 3D Touch support ● DarkMode support ● iPhone 12 & iOS15 support ● iPad "Fast App Switching" (Multitasking) ● iPad Pro multi-screen and Drag & Drop ● Support for iPhones, iPads, iPods and macOS ● complete offline use - no internet connection is required ________________________________________ * Tapping on the headwords will start a search in any "Unidict® Engine" dictionary title you have installed. These searches are 'round-trip', allowing you to return to "Companion Synonyms" through the "Back" button. If you have just a dictionary and don't have a thesaurus installed, "Companion Synonyms" will act as a replacement for searching out from dictionaries. This works with: American Heritage® Dictionary Australian Oxford Dictionary Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Longman English-Japanese Dictionary and many more...

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