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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Apple Featured as New and Noteworthy on CN App Store Apple Featured in "Band In Your Hand" (2011) Echo Guitar™ Pro is a convenient tool for composing guitar songs. You can quickly record musical inspirations with it's unique features such as "Automatic-arpeggio" "Chords Tapboard" "Patterns Editor"... Main Features: 1. Automatic arpeggio. 2. Two colors available (Pink & Blue). 3. Strings velocity is controllable (value from 30 ~ 127). 4. Record / playback your songs. 5. Song playback with animations. 6. Pattern editor. 7. Slideable fretboard. 8. Hints the selected guitar chord's fingering in real time. 9. Chords library. 10. Patterns library . 11. Capo simulation (you can drag it to change key). 12. File management (Save / Open / Delete ). 13. Email your songs (*.eg or *.mid file). 14. iTunes file sharing enabled . 15. Export songs as MIDI format. 16. Supports AudioBus and Inter-App Audio. 17. Four guitar sounds optional (Classic Acoustic, Steel Acoustic,Clean Electric,Muted Electric) 18. Send MIDI Out ( Wifi MIDI, and Virtual MIDI Out to native apps)

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