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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



****App Store Rewind 2010 - Apple Featured as "Band In Your Hand"**** Echo Piano is a recordable virtual piano app. The control of the keyboard is the most special feature of this piano app. To reach all the keys during your performance you have to just slide the screen. You can concentrate and enjoy music with flexible and easy keyboard while your performance. Features: √ 1.Flexible Keyboard (easy to scroll and zoom with gestures) √.2.Export audio files. √ 3.Record / Playback MIDI file √ 4.File Manage (Save / Open / Delete) √ 5.Velocity keyboard. √ 6.Two rows keyboard / Single row keyboard. √ 7.Save your songs as MIDI format. √ 8.MIDI IN and MIDI OUT can be connected with MIDI device (MIDI keyboard,synthesizer or Hardware sound source )via iPad Camera Connection Kit. √ 9.Pedal control. √ 10.Record MIDI Notes and Pedal events from MIDI device.

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