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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



VOCHI is a creative photo and video editing app. Since December 2021, we're 100% free. VOCHI is special because it's powered by artificial intelligence. You can apply VFX to specific objects in a video with a single tap. That means you can make a video with unique effects in just a minute that would take several hours to create in After Effects. Like magic! Create an inspirational video in 3 steps: 1. Select the video frame 2. Tap the object 3. Apply the effect. Done! VOCHI helps launch your creativity to the next level. Your videos will never be the same again! Try Pinteresty-filters and our favorite effects: — Butterflies add a touch of romance and magic — Antique makes masterpieces with you center stage — Plastic helps make cool posters — Diamond turns everything shiny — Neon adds a hint of mystery — Motion highlights dance moves — Glitch will get your subscribers' attention — Clones makes videos crazy in a fun way — Doodles is perfect for music videos — Analog subtly highlights details — Curved will make an aesthetic header. Become a star on Pinterest. Create inspiring content and post it to Pinterest directly from the VOCHI app. Express yourself, share what you love, and grow your audience. Follow us on social media @vochi.effects — we share all kinds of creator secrets, tutorials and visual trends, and talk about the release of new effects. Thanks for your inspiration! Send more feedback, suggestions and crazy ideas for new effects to [email protected] We love reading them! Your VOCHI Site: Creator guide: Rules of Use: Privacy Policy:

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