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Jun, 2020



This is the ad-free version. On the BASS GUITAR NOTES SECTION you can click on the strings and frets of the Electric Bass to see the corresponding note on the staff, its name and its pitch. It has exercises so you can practice recognizing the notes of the Electric Bass: Exercises without a time limit to answer - Basic Level Exercises with time limit to answer - Intermediate Level After working this exercises you will be able to see a note on the staff and locate it´s position on the fretboard and you will be able to see an specific fret and string and know which is the corresponding note on the staff. Playing the Electric Bass Guitar can be easier than playing the Electric Guitar or the Acoustic Guitar. One of the main differences between these instruments is that guitar strings are thiner than Guitar Bass strings. The other aspect that is different is that Guitar music is written on Treble Clef while Bass Guitar music is written on Bass Clef. So it this app is very helpful for anyone playing Bass Guitar. You don´t have to know guitar chords or guitar scales to know how to play the Bass Guitar.

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