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This is the free version. Music is an art and a science. Music notes, reading sheet music and music theory are some of the vital aspects that a musician should know by heart. Knowing the different types chords in music is one of the most important subjects for a musician. A chord, in music, is any harmonic set of three or more notes that is heard as if sounding simultaneously. There are chords for jazz music or for rock music. Chords define the type of music you are listening. This app is great for anyone looking for guitar chords or piano chords. Actually all the chords contained in this app are useful for all music instruments and for anyone interested in singing. Anyone in a music school should have this app. Knowing the different types of chords is of great help in music composition, songwriting and music improvisation. You don´t need advanced music notation knowledges to use this app. Knowing music notes and what semitones and tones are is enough. - Select from the menu a chord category - Select the type of chords you want to study in that category - You will see the notes of the chord and their names - When clicking on each chord you will listen to it - There is a pop-up keyboard so you can check each note of the chord There are several chords categories: Triads & Power Chord Other chords without 7 = add, sus, 6, 6/9 7 Chords 9 Chords 11 Chords 13 Chords Within each of these categories there are subcategories. Within the “7 Chords” category you will find these subcategories: Major triad/major 7 Major triad/minor 7 Sus 4 triad/minor 7 Minor triad/Major 7 Minor triad/minor 7 Augmented triad/Major 7 Augmented triad/minor 7 Diminished triad/Major 7 Diminished triad/minor 7 etcetera And within each subcategory there may be several types of chords. Within the “Major triad/major 7” subcategory of the “7 Chords” category you will find these types of chords: Cmaj7 Cmaj7b5 Cmaj7(add#11) Cmaj7(ad13) So there are a lot of chords to study. This app will help you to learn all the different types of chords, how each of them sounds and how they are written.

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