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Jun, 2020



- With this app you don´t need to know how to read sheet music to learn how to play a real piano or keyboard. - You simply see the animations on each lesson and play the same by imitation on a real piano or keyboard. - Sheet music are presented just to help students understand there's a relation between what is played and what is written. - The easiest style to begin with is ROCK. Start playing Rock, Blues, Jazz, Latin Music and other music styles on Piano and Keyboards. While you play the lessons you will intuitively understand how to read music. Piano lessons are fun with this app. They are like easy piano songs to show you how each music style is played. Playing piano or keyboards can be easier than playing Electric Guitar or Acoustic Guitar. Music notes on the piano keyboard are easy to grasp. With this app you don´t need to know how to read music. It shows you through animations what you have do with your fingers. You don´t have to know guitar chords to know how to play the piano or keyboards. If you want learn how to play piano or if you already play piano and you want to play piano music this app is what you need. It is designed to help understanding how to read piano sheet music in a fun and easy way. There are different types of piano and lots of keyboards brands. The lessons in this app apply to all of them: electric piano, acoustic piano, keyboard, organ and synthesizers. This is the free version of “Learn how to play Piano”. It includes seventy lessons on the following contemporary music styles: - Rock (15) - Blues (15) - Jazz (5) - Funk (15) - Latin Music (15) - Fusion (5) Each lesson is integrated by four sections. - You will see animations that visually show how to play your part on the Keyboard. - You will see animations of the notes on the staff to help you understand how to read music in an easy way, while you play. - You can listen the whole band to get an idea of the final result. - You can play at a slow speed and just listen to your instrument. - You can play it at normal speed. - When you are ready go to the “d” section and play it while you listen the rest of the band. You have to integrate your part to the ensemble. - While practicing you can click on the bar from which you want to repeat.

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