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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



This is the ad-free version. This app has been designed to make easy for anyone to learn how to play some of the main Drum Beats in popular music. It can also be used by Guitar players and Bass players as drum beats play-alongs. It contains 70 Drum Beats. These are Drum Beats from different music styles which have been arranged from the simplest to the most complex. ROCK (40 Beats) BLUES (15 Beats) LATIN MUSIC (15 Beats) This is an educational app that makes easy for anyone to learn how to play some of the main Drum Beats in the Drum Set. From beginner to intermediate. You don’t need to know how to read music to use this app. - On each exercise there is a “SLOW” button with which you can listen to the music at a slow speed and see animations of the Drum Set parts so you can play by imitation on your own Drum Set. This section allows you to learn the Beat. - You will also see animations of the beats (rhythm) and the notes on the staff. This helps you to understand, intuitively, the way in which music is written and read. In this way, you learn to play each Drum Beat by imitation and at the same time you understand the basis of musical writing and reading. - There is also a “NORMAL” button with which you listen to the music at its real speed. There are no more animations. The Beat is repeated over and over again so you can practice until you reach the normal speed. You can use this section to improvise along the Beat that is repeated over and over again. In the Latin Music section we include the following beats: - Bossa Nova - Chachachá - Mambo - Samba - Salsa - Merengue - Songo - Bolero - Son Montuno - Rumba More Drum Beats coming soon!

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