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Mar, 2020


Mar, 2020



Game Features: • 100 levels • Free coins • Colorful graphics • Simple game controls • Fast-paced and fun gameplay • Magnets, teleports, shifters and blockers • Options to buy more coins or remove ads Shield VS Balls is a free to play hyper-casual game in which you control a shield to protect the big red circle in the center. When you start the game, the ball starts moving randomly and hits anything on its way. Green collectables with a plus give you points, red collectables with a minus break your points and the yellow ones do nothing more than make noise. The ball can bounce from the game borders and blockers; or it can change its direction when it gets in touch with magnets, teleports and shifters. No matter what, it always finds its way to the big red circle in the center. Your most important and only task is to protect the red circle at all costs.

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