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PREVIOUS USERS. If you previously purchased iBird Pro the subscription app is free for one year. To access the free subscription, while in the iBird app’s “7-day trial” offer tap on the Previous Owner button. iBird will check your previous ownership receipt and unlock it for a free year. If iBird can’t find your receipt it will present a screen so you can send us an email, and we’ll forward the offer code. WELCOME TO IBIRD. iBird Pro is a self-contained, take-anywhere-no-Internet-required app that turns your iPhone into a field guide to birds of North America, the United Kingdom, and Hawaii. iBird is superior to other birding apps because of the following features: NO INTERNET REQUIRED: Unlike many birding apps today, iBird Pro has a built-in database so you can use the app anywhere, even with no Internet access. COMPREHENSIVE SEARCH. iBird is the only app with a patented parametric search engine that precisely finds any species of bird when you only know a few features. The engine has 35 search attributes that allow narrowing the species down by characteristics like your GPS location, body color, habitat, bill shape, song type, and many more. For example, within a few seconds, you can find the one perching-shaped bird in California, that is brown in color and has pointed wings (House Wren). Or the one species with a Sandpiper-like shape, black and white with pink legs (Black-necked Stilt). Or find the only gray hawk with a banded copper breast pattern, a black cap, and yellow eyes (Cooper’s Hawk). ILLUSTRATIONS. Most birding apps have photos that do not always reveal the important identification field marks. iBird is the ONLY app that has full-size, high-resolution, hand-drawn, field-marked illustrations for every species. These composite illustrations contain images of the male, female, juvenile, bird-in-fight, and other variations in plumage based on age or location. And they are good enough to frame. PHOTOS. iBird includes a constantly updated library of over 4,000 photographs, allowing you to see the species in multiple settings and real-life environments. No other birding app offers both illustrations and photographs. SONGS AND CALLS. To enhance your ability to identify any species, iBird contains over 4,000 birdsong and bird-call recordings. These are super-useful to confirm an ID or when you can hear but not see the bird. PHOTO RECOGNITION. iBird's amazing Photo Sleuth app, which can be opened from iBird, takes advantage of modern AI-based photo recognition techniques to identify any species of bird from any photograph, even poor-quality, fuzzy photos. See how Photo Sleuth works: RANGE MAPS. iBird has comprehensive Range Maps for every species that show where the bird spends its time throughout the year, migration patterns, and more. iBird follows conventions of the 2019-20 American Ornithological Union (AOU) standard. Version 12.7 adds 5 new illustrations—to see these go to Search > Illustration Update > 12.7. More Details of iBird Pro Version 12.7: EULA:

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