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Aug, 2021


Aug, 2021



An alternative controller app for your Sonos music system. Designed for iOS with simplicity and usability in mind. With handy Today Widget, ** Apple Watch App ** and Apple Music sharing extension! ZonePlay aims to make the tasks you perform most often with Sonos as easy as possible. At it's core is a single screen summary of your zones with basic playback, grouping and volume controls and a quick pick list of your Sonos favourites. ZonePlay provides full access to your network music library & TuneIn radio with full queue and playlist management functionality. There is also a handy today Widget that allows you to view your zones and Play / Pause your music and control volumes without even launching the App. Additionally for Apple Music subscribers on iOS 11 ZonePlay provides an action extension so you can simply 'share' songs, albums, playlists etc. from the Apple Music App to play them on your Sonos system! NOTE: browsing / searching third party music services other then TuneIn radio is NOT yet supported.

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