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國語字典,華人必備學習工具! + 正體(繁體)中文。 + 釋義詳細嚴謹,大部分有文言文例證。 + 支援漢字搜尋方式,支援部首、注音、拼音檢索方式。 + 按照漢字的讀音(語音)、詞性分級列出釋義,層次分明,方便查閱。 + 每個字條還包含注音、拼音、筆畫數、部外筆畫、釋義、倉頡碼等信息。 + 主漢字根據發音的聲調顯示不同的顏色,方便區分。 + 收錄 Unicode 編碼集所含的 20902 個漢字。 + 提供「歷史記錄」和「收藏夾」功能。 + 可以離線使用,無需擔心流量透支。 漢字是華夏文明最重要的載體,學好漢字,傳承華夏文明,是我們當代人的責任。 Chinese Dictionary, it is an essential learning tool to learn Chinese. + Traditional Chinese. + Rigorous and detailed definitions, most of them have illustration in classical Chinese. + Can search by Chinese characters, radical, Zhuyin and Pinyin. + The definition is listed based on the pronunciation of the Chinese characters and part of speech, it is well arranged and very easy to look up. + Each note includes Zhuyin, Pinyin, number of strokes, Strokes number except of radical, definition, Cangjie codes and so on. + The main Chinese characters are in different colors with different pronunciation tones, which make it is very easy to distinguish. + Include 20,902 Chinese characters which contain in Unicode. + Have "History" and "Favorites" function. + Can be used offline.

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