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Apr, 2020



Easy access to relevant info • See a snapshot of your services, rewards and most important updates. • Easily locate your billing and order update messages in the new and secure notifications centre. • Track the progress of new orders. • Roam with confidence - check your usage, recharge on the go and get support when overseas. • Update your contact details and nickname your services for easy reference. • Manage your Foxtel from Telstra service. Receive help that’s actually helpful • Get relevant help, ask queries and respond to replies in your time. • Be on top of any outages. • Book in-store appointments. • Easily recover your username or password if you ever forget it. Get closer to Telstra Plus rewards • Join, access and quickly see your Telstra Plus™ points balance. • Receive exclusive member benefits such as pre-sale concerts, and discounted movie and sports tickets. View and pay your bills easily • View current and past bills whenever you want. • Make payments on the go quickly and securely. • Get notified when a bill’s due. • Easily manage direct debits, query bill charges and request a payment extension. More control for pre-paid customers • Recharge fast. Wherever you are. • Check your balance, plus track your usage and recharge history. • Purchase extra data and international roaming packs. No surprises for Post-Paid customers • Quickly find your usage and your contract’s end date. • View current and previous bills. • Pay your latest bills wherever you are

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