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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Train and improve your memory skills with this nostalgic adaption of a children’s memory game! Why not increase your memory skills in pairs? Kids/Adults can select the multiplayer option and play together on a single device you just need to communicate the list to each other! Packed with features which include: - Various difficulty settings - Leader boards with individual’s scores - Various award and trophies to earn and discover - Single device multiplayer option. How to use: - Click the play button - Swipe page to select difficulty - Click the go button at the bottom of the page to start - Depending on the chosen difficulty a number of items are shown to memorise - Find the items shown in the grid of items and select them in any order - If the chosen items are correct another item is shown, remember this and you’ll also need to remember the previously shown items - Select all the items on the now increased list and just keep going! - View your high scores/ trophies by clicking the options button. Bonus: - Free to download - No in app purchasing, play as much as you want - You can play and interact with your children on the app whilst improving your memory!

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