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May, 2021


May, 2021



How old can you get? Live your life how you want, but try not to die.

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‍♀️yes on 2021-06-17
So I saw this game through and ad and I decided to download it. Mistake. So first you choose your race but it struck me as odd that you couldn’t be a female. It wasn’t that important to me at the time. You get to choose options like a level game, but at level 3 or 4 you have to choose between to play with a vase or a knight toy. Only one of these options will work, which happens a lor in this game, they want you to pick a certain path instead of making your own. The first time of playing this game, I chose the Toy Knight so I didn’t think about what would happen if I chose the vase. The Logic. Okay, so when you get a job—level 24-26??—you have this manager whose a dominant woman. so then. you get the option to help her fix her coffee machine or to not. When you say no, you get fired?? It doesnt make sense. The logic is being abused. It’s not a valid reason to be fired. When you do get fired, you go homeless. (even though you could sell your 100-150k car for a cheaper one) then you get arrested... What? Is it illegal to be poor now?? Weird.. The Character Designs. I wouldn’t complain about it if this were a better game instead of a cash-grabbing one. So it’s kind of this square-y thing as you can see in the pictures of the gameplay. The mother and the father are the same models for each race, just colored differently. The mother really looks disturbing.. Sorry if this comes off as rude, but it’s really—no.. Overall This game shouldn’t have over a three star rating. It’s controlling, if there were different paths this would be better and I wouldn’t complain about the designs because of how entertaining it’ll be. Yes, there are different paths, however, if you don’t do a certain thing the game wants you to do, you have to restart. Big no-no.
Don’t bother
hydn.s on 2021-06-17
I downloaded this game out of pure boredom, I also thought it would be some what similar to the game “BitLife” and it’s not at all. It’s like a “level” game similar to Candy Crush, or any other game that you have to pass levels to continue on in the game. You have a set path the game WANTS you to take and you have to make the right choice or it prompts you with a “Try again” button AND you have to watch an AD too. This game is also FULL of ADs so if you get mad over interruptions after every decision you make, then don’t even bother reading past this. I wouldn’t even bother at all with this game. I got to Year 20 and i quit after the game continuously keeps making me choose one decision they have set, because they were too lazy to make a poor game over all. I would be okay with the poor graphics and bad animations if the game actually let you go on as if it were like and made it so you actually had two choices and it would continue the game on a different path over the other. But as any other poorly made, cash grabbing, free-to-play game that the app store has all over the place nowadays (which is very sad) they didn’t and were lazy.. i’m super disappointed but not surprised..
Trashy ads, repetitive
BooMallow on 2021-06-17
First time going through either gender was alright and there’s a certain charm to the style of the game. But that’s immediately drowned out under the overkill of cheap and raunchy ads catering to some angsty teen’s hormones, somewhere. Every other ad is some trashy ‘de-cloth the busty woman’ app or game and it’s non stop. I’m talking EVERY time you move up or tap the screen you are just bombarded with ads to the point that you can’t even enjoy the game. It’s literally 60% cheesy scams and overly sexualized women adverts. It’s a shame because the game itself has potential…. Even if it’s less than half the actual content you’ll see in the app. Second round, choices get repetitive and your decisions don’t really impact anything. It’s basically a one off game unless you want to sit through the spam and gimmicky adverts to get to a fork in the road that may or may not impact the rest of your characters life.
Creative game but..
Zackkkkkgffgg on 2021-06-17
This game has a lot of potential I’ll start off with that, but if you’re thinking about installing this game, don’t. Not until these developers change the name from 100 years to 10,000 advertisements, it is really wack that they do this.. I understand they have to make money for their creation but this is just blasphemy.. Besides then fact that this game is unbearably unplayable it is quite creative and is a underrated genre of moving through time level by level. There should be more pathways and understandable words for one. As well as actions that could lead to more currency, more fit/less fit.. consequences that can impact the game later on without the only choice of get it right or restart which, you guessed it, leads to another advertisement, get your game right developers and maybe I’ll play your so called game again.
Amazing-just one minor issues
AlishiaHussainlikesCandycanes on 2021-06-17
Hi there! I want to tell you that this game is very enjoyable and there’s a lot to see! The animation is unique but I love the fact that there’s many places to go to and experience in this game. The only suggestion I have is that sometimes when u make a choice, the game forces you to take the other choice that the game wants you to take. Now this happens sometimes but not all the time, thank god. If the developers can give us players all control of our choices, itd be really nice instead of making it one choice only for a certain outcome. Other than that, this game is really entertaining!
it was okay at first
byebyebi098 on 2021-06-17
it was fun in the beginning, until you realize you pick the choices that the game wants. not what you want. too many ads, so i turned airplane mode on... well i couldn’t do that because every few levels it would ask me to download more levels which gets very annoying very quick. you can only choose from two people and it’s the same two story lines every time (not to mention the woman character doesn’t even live long, she only lives till she’s 35). i wouldn’t be bothered to download it, i just uninstalled it.
mermaid2010swimming on 2021-06-17
The boy one is easy but when I’m doing the race with the girl one I just can’t pass it and also why does the girl restart at age 26 like what’s the point I kept on trying and trying and trying I’ve been trying hard to complete the baby race but I can’t pass it at all. The developer needs to see this so they can FIX THE GAME!! And also I’ve been pressing the skip button at the baby’s race but it’s not working and the toys are stopping me and one path has no toys at all that’s not fair!!
Worst game ever
moddeedug on 2021-06-17
Cheer me up this game on the second person you play as you can’t win when you’re turning two years old because you always going to lose because somebody else is going faster and you can’t stop that because I don’t have anything or any toy in front of them and there’s no way you can win that and the game glitches out when you try to re-try it and you never did win so basically I’m telling you don’t get this app.
It’s pretty good but lacks in certain areas.
it was ok at first on 2021-06-17
I played the boy and the girl and I have some suggestions, can we be able to choose what kind of life we want to have? I know life is full of surprises but they were really concluded in choices, like they ended in the same result no matter what you choose. Like you either die, or have other choices but they lead to the same destiny. The game is pretty good though, I just think it needs improvement.
It's the Gaucho! on 2021-06-17
Whoever is reading this, This game is inappropriate for -13 year olds. First off the girl has a non realistic lifespan, SHE DOSENT EVEN GET TO HAVE A BF OR LIVE 60 YEARS LIKE THE MALE DID the jokes with the male are inappropriate and they are teaching kids trash jokes. The girl’s outfits are Plain or sexy!?!?!? This game is 12+ and yet sexy is on there. Peace!

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