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Dec, 2020


Dec, 2020



拼多多——多实惠,多乐趣 拼多多,社交新电商领导者,更懂消费者的手机购物APP。6亿用户在此拼团,享受更高性价比的生活。和你的家人、朋友、邻居一起拼,品质商品更低价,包邮送到家,分享实惠,分享乐趣。 -多多买菜 1、依托拼多多全新的农产品上行物流体系,一键直达全国超过1000个农产品产区。 2、从田间到餐桌,避免中间环节损耗,百亿补贴加专项补贴,买菜更划算。 3、手机变成菜篮子,精选全国及海外农产区产地优质好货,覆盖各类生活必需品。 4、足不出户为家庭轻松选购次日生鲜,拿起手机选购,带着蔬果回家。 -更懂生活,好货不必贵 1、品类丰富:覆盖全品类品牌商品。小百货9.9包邮,轻松提升日常幸福感,品牌商品更低价,助你完成美好生活梦想。 2、百亿补贴:精选补贴全网最热销品牌商品,直接降价,购物不必做算术题。 3、产地好货:源头好货产地直达,从农田到餐桌,从车间到小区,中国制造四十年产业经验为你敞开。 4、正品保障:全网首创假一赔十,品牌商品正品险,海关全程监督。 -分享乐趣,购物不孤单 1、发现好物,与好友共同分享,体验发现低价好货的乐趣。 2、和志同道合的好友拼单,或参与万人团,与6亿拼多多用户一起拼。拼团享受更低价,组团购物不孤单。 3、和朋友玩转小游戏。好朋友,就要一起栽种,一起收获。 4、为好友呈现你的真实点评,为真朋友说出真体验。 -产地直播,商家陪你看海 1、看数百万真实商家产地直播。看红薯从地里挖出,看菠萝的海,看一双鞋如何从生产线走到你面前。 2、市县长代言各产业带好货。市长县长精选本地产业带尖货,化身拼多多主播为你在线答疑。 因为倾听,所以更懂你 官方微信:拼多多(pinduoduo2015) 官方微博:@拼多多 客服电话:400-8822-528 消费者固话热线:021-53395288 官网:

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Cotton Plantation, 21st century slavery
tritions on 2021-01-28
This company asks employees to work 300+ hours a month, or 85 hours a week. This company has 8 toilets every 1000 employees, to minimize people spending in for their needs. This company has a 100+ list of non soliciting companies that you leave this company you cannot go anywhere in industry. In the last 2 weeks 2 Pinduoduo employees died, one on her way home after checking off 2am from work, another conducted suicide. It reminds me of a 1850 cotton plantation and all employees are modern slaves.
Human Rights Violations
L_CUR on 2021-01-28
This company has a terrible human rights record in over exploiting its employees. It forces its employees working over 20 hours without any rest. Employees can only have 2 days off every month. At lest 2 young employees (one is 23) died due to health problem in the past two weeks. Furthermore, you cannot save any money via this software, and it’s full with fraud. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch
totally rubbish
DING Steven on 2021-01-28
Cheating flooded in this app: for new users, you certainly "win" the first prize of the lottery, however, unless you invited dozens of people, can't get anything, but wasting of time! There are also quite a lot of prizes that seem easy to run, as long as you invite dozens of people. Further more, fake products, fake red packets everywhere in this app. If you want to waste time, just try it!
It is killing employees
Yangkee fleet on 2021-01-28
PDD forces its employees to work 380 hours a month, meaning that you have to work at least 13 hours a day without weekends. This company has already killed a 23 year old young girl who worked for 16 hours continuously. After several employee health incidents, PDD still refuse to apologize and fired people who were talking about this. I don’t think PDD is right, so I uninstalled this APP.
Large number of overtime illegal working hours
hjisjjsksksksk on 2021-01-28
This company has a serious problem of excessive and illegal labor. Not only are workers' rights not protected, but it has led to the death of two employees and the suicide of one employee who jumped off a building. There were even employees who were forcibly dismissed for exposing their damage to labor rights. This app should be boycotted.
Please boycott this company
wwjjksksnsbhdnndfj on 2021-01-28
This company forces employees to work for 380 hours a week and asks all of them to return to work in advance if holidays exceed 3 days. This high-intensity work resulted in the sudden death of one employee and a suicide. An employee was fired after posting a photo of his colleague being pulled away by an ambulance on an anonymous forum.
Unethical market place.
ytj0229 on 2021-01-28
Unethical company. Mandate employees work 300 hours each month. Spamming customers. Skimming profits from sellers. This is not the marketplace I feel comfortable shopping at. I can not believe this company mandate 300 hours each month for the employ. I hope more people choose to shop at ethical market place.
NOT 996 BUT 007
不知死了几次的Ninja on 2021-01-28
Many says pdd is a corporation with 996. Actually, developers in this corporation have only 2 days to rest per month. And in some case, they even have to work all night for a requirement. If employees have merely followed 996 systems, that young developer would never died in work.
Tons of fake products
kk-wayne on 2021-01-28
Be ware of fake products. Literally they do not have enough censorship or put no awareness of fake products. BTW, they work employees exhausted without any mankind care. I would doubt how such a company can positively affect the human society.
Do NOT use this app!
专门用来评分的昵称 on 2021-01-28
The provider is asking their employees to work 996 (working from 9am to 9pm, 6 days per week). One young girl died due to that last week! Please stop using this app and remove it from your device if you don’t want to be one of the murderers!

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