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Aug, 2021


Aug, 2021



75 HARD is how you win the war with yourself. Are you stuck in life? You feel like no matter what you do, your career, fitness, and relationships just aren’t where you thought they would be? Feel like you are not reaching your full potential? This program is for you. Maybe you’ve tried the fad diets, read the latest trendy self help book, or forked over your hard-earned cash for seminars and courses that promised to teach you the magical secret to success. Yet even after all this, you still fail to make any real progress. Why? Here’s the real secret. YOU are the key. If you haven’t developed the traits of mental toughness needed for success in any area of your life, all these other things will get you nowhere. What are these traits? Confidence. Grit. Fortitude. Self Belief. Self Worth Discipline. Endurance. The unbreakable will to WIN. Over the course of 75 days, this program will start you down the path to becoming a person who is capable of achieving your goals by developing these winning character traits. Is it complicated? No. Is it easy? Definitely not. In fact, it’s probably the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Will it change your life forever? Without a doubt. Are you ready to win the war within yourself? This program requires Zero Compromises. Zero Substitutions. With the 75 Hard app, you can: - Track your daily progress - Set custom reminders for your daily tasks - Take and review your daily progress pics - Share your progress to your Instagram Story - Save journal notes on every day Already started the 75 Hard Program? No problem! We’ve made it easy for you to pick up at your current progress point. We’re working to continuously update the app with new features and updates to provide the best experience for you as you make progress.

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Not much for $4.99
Runner1234122we on 2021-09-20
I don’t know how well the whole program works, but as far as the app itself goes, there’s not much there. For $4.99 you get a checklist of 7 tasks to complete each day (they’re the same tasks each day, with no embedded metrics or background on them), a notes section, and an automatic streak counter that resets to 0 if you miss a day. That’s it. Probably should be a free app as a means to entice participation in his broader program.
Underwhelmed by the App
Bolsson on 2021-09-20
I think the big miss for this app is the lack of anything when you finish! I was thinking there might be a slideshow or at the very least a side by side comparison of your first picture compared to the last progress picture but nothing...and not even a “congratulations you finished!” Which I know it’s about creating habits and making a lifestyle change BUT it’s a tough 75 days! Overall app does what’s needed with no frills.
Becoming a better person!!
wittej on 2021-09-20
I love this app and what the challenge stands for! The app is easy to use!! Love going back to see my progress pics!! Helps me want more! The app includes reminders as we all get busy. And love it connects with Instagram so we can share our progress so everyone can help cheer you on!! So motivating!! Love! Love! Love!!
Great but could be better
Crucible20 on 2021-09-20
The app is great for keeping track of the tasks for the day, which I need help with. It has made following the program easier. I do wish there was a community section where you could talk with others who are doing the program. This would help provide support as well as receive it. Overall a great app though.
Very helpful!
skposs on 2021-09-20
This app has made the 75 hard program easy to track. I love that I can set myself reminders and that I can take a progress pic right from the app. I would love to see it integrated with other tracking systems like My Fitness Pal (for water intake) and FitBit (for exercise tracking progression). Good work!
Just getting started
Solsky d on 2021-09-20
This is my fourth day and I am also currently reading Andy’s book, “75 Hard”. Like how everything is explained in a really simple format and the advice is straightforward. No beating around the bush. I look forward to opening the app and completing my tasks for the day.
Very Useful App
AJRAJR123 on 2021-09-20
I’m only on day 7, but am relying on the app heavily. Very thankful to have it. Easy to use and helpful. Would be even better with a water consumption tracking feature. I have to track that in my head or by jotting down notes elsewhere.
Must have!
bspa17d on 2021-09-20
Super helpful during the program! Especially for the reading and the daily progress pic! It’s so easy to use and sends notifications if you still have things to check off! You need this if you are doing the program!!
This is lame.
ZeroFox22 on 2021-09-20
All this is, is an appointment app. Just reminds you to workout, eat and drink water. Give me my money back, I have an alarm that’s in my phone.
Game changer
Jon MBMF on 2021-09-20
75 hard has changed my life! Thank you Andy Frisella. The app helps track everything to make it easy to keep track. Effin A Cotton, Effin A

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