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Do you want to play in the world of pool games? 8 Ball Pool is an addictive challenging game based on real 3D pool games, where you will challenge your friends online. Become a master of the pool! The game 8 Ball Pool is easy to win. You just have to select the pool table and get ready. Join us and challenge your friends to this ball game in PvP mode. Use your pool strategie with the cue wisely in this online multiplayer ball game as every round will be more difficult after each level. You can play in multiplayer or PvP mode in different pool tables. Become the best pool player and challenge your friends in this pool game.! You can play pool in multiplayer or PvP mode using different balls and table types. 8 Ball Pool is designed to help your intelligence. You will improve the aim when shooting balls with the cue. CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS Playing pool in multiplayer tournaments with friends is easy: Sign in for free with your Miniclip or Facebook account and you’ll be able to challenge your friends straight from this multiplayer 8 ball game. Challenge friends to a PvP pool match on the go. Aim and shoot your best balls with a customized cue in our online 3D PvP tournament! PLAY FOR POOL COINS AND WIN EXCLUSIVE ITEMS Customize your cue and pool table! In every competitive PvP match you play in our league, there’ll be Pool Coins at stake – win the match and the Coins are yours. You can also buy new items in the Pool Shop. Compete in our 3D multiplayer league and become a master of 8 balls in 3D! The 8 Ball level system means you’re always facing challenging players in the 8 ball league. Play multiplayer 8 Ball Pool to increase your ranking in our pool league and get access to more exclusive 8 Ball Pool match locations, where you play and compete against the best online pool players. 8 Ball Pool has different match levels: It doesn't matter if you're an amateur or a pro player, take your chance in our PvP competitions with your friends and other players and win the pool challenge: Aim with the cue and prove your skills in this free 8 ball online tournament. *This 8 Ball Pool game requires internet connection. Play on the Web at TERMS AND CONDITIONS: PRIVACY POLICY: ------------------------------------ Miniclip: Like 8 Ball Pool: Facebook: Twitter:

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Game is fun and good, but awful practice
DpoProductions on 2022-01-25
I’m mainly making this review because the golden shot mini game is rigged! I got the yellow two times in a row now and it says better luck next time or whatever. Now onto the rest.. I like to play this game because it’s fun, but all the forced ads and in app purchases are so toxic. Like I bet it’s a free game but they turn it up to 100. I haven’t felt like I needed to actually buy anything so far, but I swear there is some pay to win because sometimes people are able to move the white ball even tho I didn’t pocket it. Maybe I’m just being dumb on that. Though there are like rpg stats on cues so that could be pay to win, at the same time there’s like a limit or something on how much u can use a cue u unlock or buy which is dumb. Overall good game, but beware if you can’t help yourself with in app purchases or pay2win then avoid it because it’s a lot.
Just dumb
Bing Bonggggg on 2022-01-25
It’s dumb I go on a win streak and then once I start missing a shot I never get the ball back and there’s angles you shouldn’t be able to hit the ball but yet they still can hit it it don’t make no sense and it’s retarded and when I have a shot line up perfectly some how doesn’t go in just wants to bounce on the sides it’s dumb I mean the game was fun for a little but now it’s just retarded and stupid I don’t have fun playing it at all like honestly it’s just annoying and stupid I just hate the game and you only get limited stuff in the pool pass which is dumb when you reach max tier you have to have the pool pass to get the boxes and if you’re going to have a tutorial you probably should add a spin tutorial so people know how to use it!
!!!!!!?????what on 2022-01-25
I played several players that only had one ball left and it was surrounded by my balls and since they couldn’t make the shot so they just scratch on purpose. Refusing to hit their ball trying to force me to make a shot knowing I don’t have one so they can win the game. Cause if I break them apart then they have a shot. I am playing someone at this very moment that is holding a 20,000$ game hostage because he refuses to take his shot. It has now been over an hour. I’m so sick of players cheating like this. It’s his turn so until he takes it I’m not taking my turn. This is happening to me more and more. So time just keeps running out and I’m refusing to break them up when it was his shot. Forcing me to lose.
Last update was disappointing
uBenTook on 2022-01-25
I used to love playing this game. They put this last update in to throw a percentage of your winnings into a piggy bank. Since I didn’t purchase it the first time with 60 million chips in there they emptied it and started over so now they want me to pay $20 for 1.5 million chips. I’ve noticed a real swing in my winning percentage as well. I can only guess since I was winning enough I wasn’t spending money with them anymore so they found a way to try and fix that. This doesn’t make me want to spend money. It makes me want to play something different. Good job ruining a perfectly good game.
Game cheats
Jleethebest on 2022-01-25
If you don’t purchase coins the game will go out it’s way to cheat I’ve recorded games where I did shots and the shot would magically not go in but a different person does the same shot it’s goes in and I’ve witnessed this many games I am not the only who has been cheated the way if you want to avoid stress and wasting your money on a game that cheats for people who pay the most I recommend not getting this game the logic on the game is all misconstrued and any real pool player will come to realize they mess with shots and make impossible shots for people who pay the most
rcocciar on 2022-01-25
A game begins, a system connection problem is written, you eventually take a shot, the ball goes in the pocket successfully, system problem at that moment, you take the same shot again, the system says, whoops you ran out of time… you now lose the game. This scenario occurs and really deflates my interest. Secondly, free cues offered, but in most cases where are they? Missing free cues has been going on as long as I have spent time playing. Let me be clear, I play because it is challenging and fun. I stop playing when it is frustrating. Maybe I should stick with chess!
Developers Allow Players To Cheat
Aric Showman on 2022-01-25
There are online downloads of bots for this game that play it for you. People run those and win EVERY SINGLE GAME without ever once missing or faltering. The developers deliberately let this happen. This has been a problem since the app was released. On top of that, the devs are also falsifying four and five star reviews. There are MANY 1-2 star reviews, but the reviews have been flooded with fake 5-star reviews posted by the developers themselves. This game was created for Brazilians to cheat at to steal American’s money, in a sense.
Absolutely rigged
ghbdxctresawe on 2022-01-25
You have to play bots ranked a minimum of 20 levels higher than you are. Que ball travels 4 lengths of the table to scratch so you loose as it makes a 90 degree turn to scratch in a side pocket. Game is just rigged to make you spend money like all of them some just worst than others and this is one of the worst. Beside how can your opponent make the perfect shot every time even if they are snookered. Just another joke money grubbing developer. So smd.
8ball the worst thing is the rigged wheel and having to pay to keep the cue charged
Fast Eddie199 on 2022-01-25
Great game although the bonus wheel is rigged. I love this game better than any pool game I have tried. Fix the bonus WHEEL! It's rigged. ------------------------------------------------------ Ruined a good game. The only ones that can afford to play are the very wealthy or extremely good players. Not only do you have to buy a cue stick but have to to keep charged. I'm looking for another good pool game if anyone knows one , please post it.
Rank sucks…
1finalthought on 2022-01-25
Your WINNING PERCENTAGE will start high but once’s go start loosing it.. it’s over. You will find yourself playing with a percentage of 40-50 against players with 70-90%. Meaning you will never be able to get better cuz you will never be against people your same RANK.. That will push you to buy coins and that’s how this all makes its money… And you will never be able to get rings not rank up. Ones stuck that’s it

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