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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



**911 WHAT'S YOUR EMERGENCY!!** Simulation game about quickly dispatching the help needed for every emergency you receive. You are responsible to make the best decisions to help the people. Progress throughout the new scenarios and situations!

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ASHER RISENGRANT on 2021-04-12
The overall game is really good. It Is really slow. I kinda feel like a teacher when writing a review bc it is like giving it a grade. It is kind of confusing at some points I would not recommend this for police answering calls ( if you are trying to practice the job ) because it is just a bit unrealistic. The graphics are kinda odd but not bad. This game is really fun except for when there is an ad every 5 seconds. I get that they have to make money with the ads but the owners of this game are probably a millionaire with all of those ads. Some things that I would change is maybe make it faster like I have to spam tap to actually get what I want to pick sometimes. Another thing I would change is that there would be less ads. One more thing that I would change is that you could type the answers , this would be hard to program and if you say something unique then idk what would happen but I really think that this game is good I only talked about the bad things not the good things so don’t get any ideas.
It’s way too short :(
Shiraz the great on 2021-04-12
Ok so all the one review comments on this game are dog poop this game is good but I can’t get past day six the burning house when I try to put the fire out it kicks me out of the game I think my iPad is not fit for this game or there’s a bug if there’s a bug devs plz fix it all hate reviews are Sorry for the cus word bull crap because this game is great it’s just too short if devs ever fix it I hope soon ps I have a old I pad so if you have a new one try it then :) also I have a question for the 1 star reviews if you don’t like the game ..DONT PLAY IT ! seriously your going out of exaggeration it’s just a game it’s common sense also this may be a good learning tool for smart kids it teaches about having a job you don’t find that many games that teach these days so don’t try to take down a learning game I’m not a parent either I’m a kid soo plz give some love to this game for trying to teach children :( and I do agree about the too many adds but people need money they don’t make games for free people
Okay omg
princessgirl115 on 2021-04-12
This is great! This app is great for kids! There probably just gonna be sitting here and I’ll be saying hey kids what you doin and then they say I loveeeeeee this police game mom! And uh yeah I’ll say ok I’ll look at it then I looked at it and now I’m addicted to this freaking game! Is this game for parents or kids? Let me see? Oh it’s for kids you know what I don’t care lol! Ok keep up the good work! Bye! Wait wait wait I was just kidding I’m giving this five stars first! My kids where like heck yeahhhhh!!!! And Thank you so much for making this game!
needs diversity
AJ on 2021-04-12
i’ve only been playing this game for a short time but it is incredibly fun and addicting. the only problem i really have about this game is that it needs more diversity. when you first go into the game it gives you the option between a skinny white male and skinny white female. i then thought there must be a way to change skin color etc. but there isn’t. there’s literally only those 2 options. this game should add more skin colors, body types, and non binary characters to make people feel more included.
Pdaddy9300 on 2021-04-12
The reason it gets a 2 is because, I’ve noticed that round and repeating. Another problem is my friend got a bunch of cool units like zombie squad and pest control? And other things I didn’t get. I’m even on a higher level then her so I don’t get it. Also there is some weird problems. For example, there was bees and I sent pests control. And it said incorrect dispatch! Also WAY to many ads. Even in the middle of rounds there are ads. Like every 2 rounds. Please fix this and I might at least give it a 4.
I don't recommend... At all
UnicornLadybug on 2021-04-12
I downloaded this game with high expectations and got let down. The reason why I had high expectations is because one of my fave YouTubers (LaurenZside) played this game. But when I downloaded the game it loaded for a long time, let me choose my character, and then crashed and took me back to my home screen. I did this about six times. ⚠️Do not download. I do not want anyone getting as annoyed as I am now⚠️I also DEMAND a reply on this review. Humph!!
Fun but occasionally dumb
Yankeesgirlc21 on 2021-04-12
I generally enjoy playing this game but occasionally there are weird scenarios that I question either the choices ( both options to choose seem inappropriate) or the actual scenario is dumb but yet it requires a dispatch. One was a pillow fight where nobody was hurt and yet the answer ended up being to send the police. And apparently someone needing gambling money is a 911 emergency. Who knew? Most of the time though it’s a lot of fun.
sallex12 on 2021-04-12
I liked playing this game and actually found it quite fun. Until day 33 when someone “stormed the capitol” I immediately knew what that was about and then they proceeded to say “Trumps heart was broken” and the only response was “lol right”. Disgusting. I don’t care what your political views are but a professional company bringing politics into a game for children and other people is just wrong. Immediately deleted.
Inappropriate dialogues. Suggestive language
vvaanvaan on 2021-04-12
My 8 year old son was enjoying playing this game until he began to laugh and on being asked mentioned how someone is saying ‘you are hot’ which quickly escalated to a more suggestive and inappropriate conversation. Something any kid should not be exposed to. This is a shame coz the kids do enjoy playing this game. You cannot market this game appropriate for kids.
1 Star Review Avenue on 2021-04-12
I actually really like games like this, but the one thing that’s ABSOLUTELY AWFUL about this game is the amount of ads there is. Now I get that if a game has no in-game purchases and its free that’s the only way they get revenue, but this game has waaaay to many ads. Literally after every single level there’s an ad. Thanks for reading (:

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