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Apr, 2021


Apr, 2021



**911 WHAT'S YOUR EMERGENCY!!** Simulation game about quickly dispatching the help needed for every emergency you receive. You are responsible to make the best decisions to help the people. Progress throughout the new scenarios and situations!

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I was wrong about my last review...
thegreatexploer on 2021-05-14
So I already made a review a 2 star review but then I remembered that I was playing on my moms phone so I got to level 35 on her phone before deleting and then guess what level on my phone... LEVEL 3 I am not joking the lag was so bad I had to delete it at level three stupid as heck! Also there was a stupid one (played on moms phone) where it was about the capital riot?!? Ahem that was a real life thing and I think it is disgusting how somebody said “trump was hurt” and you have to say “lol right” it is just rude I may be a democrat but I still respect the republicans and what they think. it’s disgusting how you think this is funny just a Fyi it’s not. developers clean your act up. ( this is my opinion you can play this I am just warning you)
I love this game!!!
jojo wanna be on 2021-05-14
First of all, this game is awesome! Not to many adds, and no glitches so far! However the reason I give 4 stars is because, some of the adds for this game called Episode are highly inappropriate. Especially for young kids who can read. These adds are pretty much on every random fun game like this game or like the high heels one and many more. I would like it if apple App Store would ban this game for its bad content or at least remove all of its adds from children’s games. I do recommend downloading the 911 dispatcher game because it is awesome! Thank you so much to the devs and everyone else who put it together! So awesome!
Please read!
littleflowergirl022 on 2021-05-14
Soo, this game is pretty good! I like the little mini game type things at the end of the calls. I also like that you can get new outfits too. The only things is the ads are soooo annoying. There is one after most of the levels and I think they should take out more ads. Also the add for the game itself wasn’t that good and the only reason I downloaded it is because I was really bored and had nothing else to do so I suggest you fix that. Also please make it more interactive like maybe ad something where you can upgrade your setup or cars or something like that.
This game is amazing!
Ceazy head girl on 2021-05-14
OMG! This game is so entertaining! Unfortunately there is ads but it is still an amazing game! You are the police officer and you get calls from people all over the world and you save them! As you play and reach new levels you get more cars and get more outfits! You also get prank calls!!! I love when I get them! You also get to pick what you say to the person you are calling. You can either choose to joke around with them or be a serious cop. You can pick your gender and change it whenever you choose too! I totally recommend this game!!
Great game
fricking game is trash on 2021-05-14
So I remember playing this other game and seeing the ad for this game, and I was like, this game looks legit and the ad looks honest . When I started playing the game I couldn’t stop, it’s a REALLY good game, you can unlock different ranks and unlock certain jobs like the ghost patrol where you can sometimes play a mini game with it and you find the haunted dolls or stuff, the best part is that I’ve never seen the dialogue from the callers repeat. It’s like they are all different which is great and awesome. Definitely play this game
McKenna Rice on 2021-05-14
So, I got the game. Very excited for it. So I got on and i chose my gender and such and then it kicked me off and I couldn’t get on it again. Very glitchy when I did get to play it (when I chose the gender) and I deleted it cuz if I didn’t get to play it then I wouldn’t waste my space on it. I understand that this game is very new and it has some minor problems but for my experience I give it a one star.
Great game but the adds-
Great game but the adds- on 2021-05-14
Like me just chilling eating my local Taco Bell den i get dis add and I’m like yes pleaseeee. SO I downloaded the game and its super fun one problem tho the ADDS! So after a 911 call u get an add and its like 25 23 minutes but like you cant even skip it- smh. Anyways if you dont mind abt the adds I recommend u get it rn so stop wut yah doing and GET DIS GAME Love yall. <3 <3 <3 <3
lilianageorge on 2021-05-14
When I installed the game I really liked it and it’s pretty good. Since the second I installed it my iPhone stared to heat up and at one point I almost burnt my hand. The game is really nice but only when I play the game my iPhone gets overheated. So just one thing the game is really good but it overheats my phone. I really hope you fix this.
About the trump one
trump one is wrong on 2021-05-14
I love the game but I hate and seriously HATE that on of them were about people breaking ok to the capital this is what it said 911 what your emergency There are people breaking into the capital Where are you? Under a desk Are you hurt? No but trumps heart is. I find that very offensive and very very rude take it off please
Enjoyable but A Few Issues
CMA9102011 on 2021-05-14
Well, first of all, there’s a lot of adds. Also whenever I rank up it doesn’t always tell me my rank. Also very unrealistic. The main point of the game is to answer calls and send the right group of people, but occasionally you can actually be that team, I feel like you could do that more. Although other than all that very enjoyable.

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