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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



ACNH Travel Guide is the ultimate companion app for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It provides you with all the information you need while playing the game, and lets you track your progress as well. This is the most complete companion app you will find. ACNH Travel Guide includes bugs, fish, DIY Recipes, furniture, clothing, fossils, sea creatures, flowers, villagers, wallpapers and floorings, art, songs, shells, tools, reactions, events, and even fruits. You can also use the app to keep a track of your daily tasks, turnip prices, and visitors. The app is very easy and fast to use, with no ads, no locked features, and no subscriptions. The app is always updated with the newest items and updates of the game very shortly after an update comes out. Features: - Detailed information on fish and bugs, so you know exactly when they are available, for how much they sell, and much more - Browse all DIY recipes, see what they sell for and the materials needed - Check detailed info on entire catalog, including all furniture and clothing and all their variations - Keep a list of daily tasks to make sure you never forget to talk to your favorite villager or plant a money tree - Track your turnip prices and see them visualized on a graph - See a full list of all flower colors, including information on how to get hybrid flower colors - Track your progress on the bugs and fish you've caught, the DIY Recipes you've unlocked, the fossils you've found, and more - Quickly see what's available to catch right now and this month - See all the information on all the villagers in the game, including their personality, birthday, and best gifts for them - Quickly see the upcoming events and villager birthdays - Generate a random Dream Address to visit, and submit your own - See all possible Nook Miles Islands and what sets them apart - Quick search through all items, and optionally filter by just the items that are available right now - The names of all items can be shown in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian. - Supports both Northern and Southern Hemisphere - Supports changing the time in the app for time travelers - Export and share all lists as text, image, or CSV - All your data is synced and backed up to iCloud - Dark Mode is supported for all those nightly play sessions - All data is available offline, so you can use the app even while you're on the go - The data in the app is updated regularly and downloaded automatically in the background - Fully native app that's fast and feels right at home on iOS - No ads, no locked features, no subscriptions. All features are always available Every adventurer needs a Travel Guide, and this is just the one for all New Horizons players. This is a third-party app and not affiliated with Nintendo Co. Ltd.

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Impressive customer service!
Star_3_2011 on 2021-04-21
The app is great! It’s pretty intuitive to use, and I love how easy it is to customize daily tasks. What sets this app apart though... customer service! After buying the app, I was starting to go through and mark all the DIY’s I had and noticed 2 weren’t there. I sent an email through the app and had a fast response from Jeffrey. Not only did he help get the problem fixed, he took a little time to give me explanations of what he thought happened, let me know when to try resetting, and what to do if it wasn’t fixed (it was fixed with the first thing he did). This involved a couple email replies from each of us and he was very timely with his responses. I have to say this really impressed me! Conclusion: The app is intuitive and easy to use, has useful information, is laid out well, and is aesthetically pleasing. Add to that the best customer service I have ever had from an app, and you’ve got a winner!
Great—could use some additions
Joshua A. M. on 2021-04-21
I’ve been using this app now for a few days and I have to say it’s pretty great. I came from using ACNH Guide and this app is just as clean and simple. However, some additions would be much appreciated. The two biggest changes I would love to see is being able to separately mark whether you’ve caught or donated fish and bugs. For example I would love to be able to mark a fish as being caught but not donated—in my opinion this is very helpful. The second addition I would love is being able to make multiple wishlists. Right now you can only favorite items but I want to be able to create lists so I can organize what items I want in each location of my island.
Alert us with new Items/DIYs!
KiwiXV on 2021-04-21
This app is great! Although I do wish on the home page, to update us with new items and DIYs added to the game. I missed out on getting the shamrock wand not knowing it was a new thing to collect. I’m the type of player that loves to collect everything - basically a completionist. I mainly use the homepage to rely on what I need to do and check. So please, add a section to the home page to alert us of the new items/furnitures and DIYs released for the month just like you do with the fishes/bugs/sea creatures.
Syncing between devices
chromeflaminga on 2021-04-21
I’ve had this app on my phone for a while and I absolutely LOVE it. I just got a new iPad and downloaded it on there and the first time I opened it up, it had all of the information, like magic! But when I opened the app again on my phone, none of the information that I put in on my iPad was available on my phone. The painting I had bought, the song I had bought, the new villager… Is there something I’m missing to get it to sync both ways?
Simple Student on 2021-04-21
Everything you wanted in an app and more! I use this app every day to make sure I don’t miss anything in my game. It also helps me prioritize certain tasks when I don’t have as much playtime. Upped my Animal Crossing experience 110%
Awesome app for Animal Crossing New Horizons
Sally tally woo! on 2021-04-21
I love this app! It is up-to-date, very thorough, and easy to navigate. I highly recommend to anyone looking for way to keep track of everything in Animal Crossing New Horizons.
Best ACNH app
rene5300 on 2021-04-21
I love this app for tracking in ACNH, it offers more than the competitors’ apps. My only suggestion would be to add something that allows us to create a wishlist within the app.
Amazing App
Zach123456987 on 2021-04-21
I love this app. I’ve used others but none have been as good as this one. It’s extremely easy to use and the auto catalog feature is amazing. Love it!
Awesome when it wants to open
jjgold84 on 2021-04-21
For a paid app not to open is pretty worthless. It won’t open for me but 1/5 times I try. When I can actually get in and use the app is amazing.
Best ACNH app out there!
Game_Over0098 on 2021-04-21
I switched from Apple to Android and really miss this app. Wish it was available on Android because nothing out there is as nice as this one!

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