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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



Congrats you have your own nail salon! Time to give some hands an acrylic DIY makeover - drill, lengthen, shape, and polish some gorgeous nails. It’s up to you to makeover nails with art and give your clients the ultimate nail spa experience. Think you’re done? Nah, we’re talking nail art to the next level you can choose from all kinds of prints and paints to polish your clients’ nails. So what are you waiting for? You have a line out the door of your nail spa of clients waiting for some super nail makeovers! To opt out of CrazyLabs sales of personal information as a California resident, please visit our Privacy Policy:

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The game of your life
infjrifhfhdjgdhdh on 2020-12-02
This game is awesome I play every day for about five hours it is the game of your life you’ll love it let me tell you what is kind of a bout you don’t have to have money to buy it anything like there’s nothing to buy most of it is adds like if you want a new nail to like paint a customer is now just click the add button and watch an ad there’s all different kinds of colors designs and a bunch of other things I recommend you buy this game I mean get this game it’s free it’s an awesome game it’s so fun and you can never get bored of it I would say get a five star rating and a good review best game ever I showed my friend at first and now every time I’m on the phone with her or I see her she’s playing that game it’s an awesome game I can’t blame her so go ahead cut that button and buy this game I mean get this game become a cool kid or a grown-up Game of your life literally this game is awesome I can’t really blame my friend for playing this game like all the time when I am with her that’s an awesome game there’s so many colors are so many things to do you can just watch an ad and get a lot more stuff I highly highly highly recommend you get this game it’s awesome I let my dog watch me play this game even him didn’t get bored of it it’s it’s awesome if you get it you will not regret it I will not blame you if you love it because it’s so awesome my dog loved it please get this game. By get this game
Please Read...
Hello Ma'am/ Sir on 2020-12-02
So I got this app and INSTANTLY deleted it. I wasn’t even on it for five minutes. I hated it. I was generous and gave it two starts because I liked the idea of it. The first thing that aggravated me was when you finish your nail you can get double the points, only if you watch the add. I personally don’t like adds, therefore I clicked no thanks. Even when you click no thanks it still gives you an add. I thought I just clicked the wrong thing, so I tried it again. After I did three nails, I was done. Also, I kept getting the same add and it was super inappropriate. THERE WERE GIRLS WITH THEIR SHIRTS OFF! I don’t know if this was the games fault or not, but I got an earful from both of my parents. Another thing is that I wanted to decorate one nail and have the rest one color. Well, the game doesn’t work like that. And, you can only put one thing on the nail. That’s pretty irritating. Though, I do like where the developers were trying to go with this app, but it needs a lot of fixes. I read these reviews and saw more bad ones than good ones, but I’m not the one to instantly judge the app. I downloaded it, tried it out, and hated it. I in courage you to try out the app first, but it wasn’t my “cup of tea”. Thank you for reading this. If you can, please fix some of these things. Maybe I’ll try it out when things are fixed. Have a blessed day.
Great Game
reces peices on 2020-12-02
So to start out I would like to say that if I could I would give the game a 4.5 out of five. The game has a lot of ads and I know they need them to make money since the game is free but do they need them while you are in the middle of doing a nail? The game is really fun and I love that you get to pick the design of the nail. One of the problems is a lot of the ads are inappropriate which stinks because this would be a great game for younger kids. The game is to easy, I wish there was like a challenge mode so that you could try to compete with others and do a themed nail. This game is not a scam but in order to get new stickers and stuff you need to watch an ad. The VIP clients also require watching an ad. I wish there were more nail polish or stencil options or a freehand option so that you could just paint. Sometimes the screen freezes and it chooses a color for you which is annoying. The marble option requires watching an ad but it is my favorite. This game is really fun and the ads aren’t that annoying. If the developers would please read this and try my ideas this game would 100% be a five star game,
ASMR crazy but has flaws
turtleclan19 on 2020-12-02
Hello, I have been playing for 3 days now and am already at level 22. It is SUPER addicting and it is really fun . But the game does have it’s flaws,for one there are simply to many ads and I do not know if it is the games fault or not but most of the ads are inappropriate. Another thing is personally I think the selection of nails and colors are to simple and short, there should be some more to the game than just making nails like maybe there should be like you can travel and open more shops to expand your nail salon empire or something. I do not know all I am trying to say is that it doesn’t have a lot of stuff to do and would be nicer with more activities in the game. Also, I wanted to let you know that the characters are creepy and look nothing like a real person, and the VIP person constantly comes up every 4-5 nails I do and it is annoying. I am sorry if I am being harsh or rude to you and in no way do I mean to insult you and the group who made this. I like the idea of it but I think it needs some more stuff. Have a great day and please fix the problems I stated thank you.
Great! But could be better.
Rgegdhxjsjsb on 2020-12-02
I just wanna say I really love this game. It’s really fun, and you get to make super pretty nails! But i do have a few issues with it. For starters, I don’t like how many adds there are. Every time you complete a step you get an add, and it just makes the game worse. Also, to do marble nails or decorations, also to do nails for a vip client, you have to watch an add. It just seems like an awful lot of adds. Second, the graphics. Now I know that a lot of people have commented on this, so I won’t go to into it. But i just wanna say the people are really creepy, and they have to update the graphics. And finally, I think they should include male customers. Now I don’t wanna assume gender, but if I took a logical guess I’d say that all the customers were girls. And the game does a really good job of including lot’s of different races! But I just think that boy’s can get there nails done to. Overall it’s a great game, and I really love it! And it would be even better If you tried to work out these little flaws!
I have a small glitch, but it’s a great game otherwise!
rem gem on 2020-12-02
Lately I have been experiencing a glitch......well not lately because it just started today. So I would pick the shape of the clients nail and fill it in with gel and when you’re usually at the part when you file the nail it would skip it and fill in one of those completed dots even though I didn’t do anything ☹️ I would really like if you could try to fix glitch because it’s very annoying as I like playing this game!one other thing it that I noticed in most reviews people have been complaining about the client’s appearance and the lack of nail polish colors I agree I would like that to be fixed too please! Thanks!! Otherwise I absolutely LOVE ❤️ this game and it the PERFECT game for people who want to be satisfied. What I’m saying is it’s SO satisfying!!!it makes me so relaxed to play this game!! I would love for these flaws and glitches to be fixed! THANKS!
Pretty great!
heyhey Hayhay on 2020-12-02
So everyone is saying there are bad ads but there isn’t for me you just tap no if you don’t like ads and I don’t personally they get annoying but I haven’t had an add yet. But it gets a little boring after the 5th nail or so you have limited options unlike the other nail games I’ve had. I’m 11 years old and I’ve had plenty of games science I was 6 and even the one I played 5 years ago from strawberry shortcake was better than this game. But it is very satisfying so if your looking for a very satisfying game then this is the game for you. Also if you get creeped out easily don’t play this game the people are soooooo creepy. But overall if you get bored on your couch this game can free you from it but all the stuff you read up above is why I rate this game with 3 stars.
The concept is good but-
littl3galaxy on 2020-12-02
Ok, so I really enjoy this game. It’s a lot of fun! But I have a lot of problems. 1. The ads! The ads are way too inappropriate for young girls that play. And, when I finish a nail, it asks me if I want to watch it for a reward or skip it. Usually, I skip it- ONLY FOR IT TO GIVE ME AN AD ANYWAY! 2. The people. The people look very creepy and can make little kids scared. Maybe try fixing that. That’s all I have to say. But, if you’re fine with ads- I recommend downloading it! Try it for yourself. It really is a great game, but the ads bother me. Maybe ads don’t bother you and it’s fine! But personally, I dislike them. Thanks for reading.
npt to be known on 2020-12-02
So when I got this game I got it thinking it was going to be fun because i personally think they look so pretty on other people but not me anyway when it said to get double coins I pressed skip or no thanks and it still brought me to an ad and that really annoys me because while I was about to click the button to do the review i saw another person wrote about this glitch and thankfully mine isn’t as bad as hers because it doesnt have the same ad but still come on you just have to fix it pls do if you. Come accros this
Great game but needs some work
Henrey the hamster on 2020-12-02
I love this game but there are some things that need to be looked at. First of all the marbling feature does not work at all you try to swirl it and it looks the same as it did before, and it shouldn’t have to be for an add to marble or put decoration. Second of all you earn colors way to slow, you should start with a variety of colors Third and finally make the game more like match what the customer wants, and make it so you have to watch an add or something like that Thanks for understanding

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