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Aug, 2020


Aug, 2020



AdGuard is an ultra-efficient ad blocker for Safari. It will not only remove annoying ads but also secure your privacy with advanced tracking protection. AdGuard for iOS is an open source app, it’s totally transparent and safe to use. KEY FEATURES: - Safari ad blocking. Removes all kinds of ads in Safari. Say goodbye to annoying banners, pop-ups and video ads. Whitelist your favorite websites or use manual blocking tool to hide any element on the page. - Privacy protection. The web is full of trackers that literally watch your every click. AdGuard offers a selection of filters aimed directly at trackers and web analytics that will ensure your private data stays that way. - Speed acceleration. Safari browser runs up to 4x faster. AdGuard removes tons of rubbish and you can freely surf the web! - Reduced traffic consumption and increased battery life. Banners and ads sometimes add up to half the size of the page. By blocking them, you’re saving your battery life and Wi-Fi/mobile traffic. - More than 50 popular subscriptions (EasyList, EasyPrivacy, etc.) plus AdGuard's own powerful ad filters, including language-specific filters. Together they don't leave ads a chance. ADGUARD PRO FEATURES AdGuard Pro includes the following features: - Custom filters. Add your own filters by URL even if they are not on the default list. - DNS privacy. Blocking regular online trackers is not enough if you want to assure 100% protection of your online privacy. Choose any of the user-favorite DNS providers or configure a custom DNS server. - Security filters. Protect yourself from dangerous websites riddled with cryptojacking or fraud. * Privacy policy: * Terms of Use: ABOUT ADGUARD AdGuard is a leading company in developing ad blocking software for multiple platforms. For more than ten years AdGuard has been helping millions of users enjoy safe, clean, and fast internet. Follow us at @AdGuard on Twitter, on FB or send us a message at [email protected]

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Still the best, and you MUST “Read the Fine Manual”
Leo of BORG on 2020-09-24
AdGuard is probably the most powerful Ad and Tracker blocker in the AppStore. But because of that you MUST and I can’t stress this enough, MUST read the documentation and dig into the App. If you really care about your privacy you’ll put the time in and send bugs to the devs. They may not answer but the (minor) bugs get fixed. People complaining that “sometimes the blocking doesn’t work” (limits of apps on iOS) “they crippled it” (no they didn’t, they fought Apple not to) or “it doesn’t work with my VPN” (dass RITE, did you go to Github and look at the list of compatible ones?) are all solved by “reading the fine manual.” HINT: Language filters can’t be added, as they go in Basic and go over Safari’s 50K item limit. What do? Add them MANUALLY to “Other” or “Custom” and get protection. Inferred from “RTFM.” See? There’s a reason this app has 5 stars. This app will secure your devices (macOS, Android as well) in ways that Apple won’t. Throw money at these devs, there aren’t many like them in the AppStore.
Why Change the GUI?
BundlingSucks on 2020-09-24
So speed is enhanced, but why change the Graphic User Interface? There used to be a nice, clear list of Standard AND encrypted Servers, also notating their location (Country or even City & State for some). It took me a day to find an encrypted server — I gave my data to the world in the interim... I can’t find a tutorial, though one was there after the “update” — Seems every time I choose an update, I loose both security and functionality — I wish I would have not taken the update that had Apple’s new 1984 restrictions earlier in 2020, not sure if I should have taken this one... At least it seems faster... Hope it continues and the “skin” is improved for functionality. Thank you for caring about privacy, though...
Works great! 10/10
Grayson Trosk on 2020-09-24
After a couple updates, I’m updating this review. The UI is overall better, though some things are more obscure now, such as what filter lists are enabled, exactly. I have a feeling certain websites are making small changes to the URLs of certain ads loaded because sometimes content blocker will catch a whole set of ads on one page of a website, but I’ll go to page 2 and ads appear in all the same spots. I’ll have to read up on the syntax and see if I can make more generic rules, or just live with it. Full tunnel without VPN icon is working well, I haven’t had to open the app at all to fix it.
Doesn’t work like before
Alejandro8713 on 2020-09-24
I bought the Pro version years ago and it worked. With the pass of the time I notice on the apps and even on websites there’s adds popping and videos to download crap, so certainly doesn’t work like before, I don’t even know what it’s doing on my phone now.
Issues fixed
David Mooch on 2020-09-24
Issues are finally fixed If you are having safari adblock element section not work try reinstalling. DNS servers work on T-Mobile ipv6 now.
AppleNoser on 2020-09-24
Remember upgrades no longer have system wide ad blocking due to Apple restrictions. Until and if this changes I will not be upgrading.
Holy crapola
grauwulfaz on 2020-09-24
Latest update causes constant reload of webpages and made some apps useless when adguard is turned on.FMFL!
Oasis x7 on 2020-09-24
In app ads are get out of hand! it would be nice if you could block at least some of them again.
saahm9 on 2020-09-24
Now not removed ads snapchat and any apps

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