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Sep, 2021


Sep, 2021



ADP Mobile Solutions provides you with an easy and convenient way to access payroll, time & attendance, benefits, and other vital HR information for you and your team. For your best experience, use iPhone 7 or later. - All the features listed below may not be available to you. If you have question, review the FAQs in the Settings menu in the app. - This app is available to the employees and managers of companies that use the following ADP products: Workforce Now, Vantage, Portal Self Service, Run, TotalSource, ALINE Card by ADP, Spending Account / iPay Statements, and select products outside the US (ask your employer). Key Employee Features: • View pay & W2 statements • View & request time off • Track time & attendance o Punch in/out o Create timesheets o Update, edit, & approve time cards • View pay card accounts • View benefit plan information • Contact colleagues Key Manager Features: • Approve time cards • Approve time off • View team calendars • View executive dashboards Security: • All application requests and transactions are routed through ADP's secure servers • All network traffic between the mobile device and the server is encrypted • All employee information cached on the mobile device is encrypted • Username and password protected • Login sessions time out from inactivity • Accounts locked out with excessive login failures • Fast and easy login with Touch ID or Face ID • Recover or reset forgotten user IDs and passwords Investment options are available through the applicable entities for each retirement product. Investment options in the “ADP Direct Products” are available through ADP Broker-Dealer, Inc. (“ADP BD”), Member FINRA, an affiliate of ADP, INC, One ADP Blvd, Roseland, NJ 07068 (“ADP”) or (in the case of certain investments), ADP directly. Certain advisory services may be provided by Financial Engines™ Professional Management, a service of Financial Engines Advisors, LLC (“FE”). FE’s service are made available through connectivity by ADP, however, FE is neither affiliated with ADP nor any of ADP’s affiliates, parents, or subsidiaries, and is neither endorsed nor recommended by any ADP entity.”

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Jeff griffith on 2021-10-23
Firstly, this app is awfully slow, doesn’t matter if it’s over a congested 3g network or a 100 Mb home Internet connection, their servers are apparently overloaded or they have a slow connection themselves. It’s annoying when you just want a quick glance at your day’s schedule. Which brings me to the other irritating point, when looking at the schedule on the dashboard, it only shows the current day, I wish the dashboard would show a 3-4 day preview. If you click on it to get more information, it’s also dreadfully slow at loading and worse, if you need to click on next weeks’s schedule, you’re waiting again… Ideally the schedule should continuously load while you’re viewing it so that clicking on additional information is not necessary, rather just scroll with your finger while it downloads the schedule in the background so that you’re not waiting on it to download when you need to see more. Fix it!!!!!!
Unfinished product
fitnessModel on 2021-10-23
This app needs to be retested, adding more Save buttons would help too. I mean I just opened the document and there is no button to close it, so the only solution is to restart my phone but then all the info in the document has to be re-entered so 5 minutes task will take half a day to complete. As long as there is no competition, you won’t improve your app, right? Update: well, this is a mobile app, no much I can do with my fingers. I clicked on the document, it opened up, covered the whole screen . I obviously tried to minimize or move the opened document, didn’t work. The average user expects the mobile app to match the desktop version or at least see some remarks on what functionality works better on the desktop.
inconvenient app
0b57 on 2021-10-23
the worst time card app possible. a good time card app would be fast and intuitive, this is not. you have to sign in, there is not option to save the password to the iOS. the punch in and punch doesn’t have a lunch option, so you have to leave a note. it also requires location to be turned on to use, but with working remotely, there is absolutely no reason for the app to require our specific location. the animated start up screen slows the process down further. you have to wait 3 seconds extra staring at a stupid animated “ADP” logo everytime you open the app which is 4 times a day for me. this app is a chore. we already have jobs, why add more hassle to our lives?
Utterly useless - just use their web
sayvilleguy on 2021-10-23
Company required we download this awful app to register our vaccinations. EVERY time the app is opened and logged-in, it asks to register vaccinations (can’t seem to find any record of it each time). Icons spin as it tries to display payroll details (pay stub, etc.), NEVER populates. Just sits there for hours. Log onto the ADP web site, get right in, do everything needed (except web site does NOT have the covid vaccine registration option, go figure). Now that I’ve entered my covid vaccine 4x, and each time it looks solidly accepted, I’m done. Deleted it. Never looking back. 99% of functions of this app simply don’t work.
Slow paycheck to bank
Slow payroll on 2021-10-23
ADP will try and blame your bank! But the reality is they are only concerned about getting you to use their payday card. My credit union monitors and records when deposits are made available. And ADP is very slow. Deposits made by other payroll companies hit my account shortly after midnight, now I am lucky if it hits my account by 8 or 9 am on payday. This is not the first time I have been set up with ADP it is actually the 6th time. All previous times were the same. When calling and asking why the delay they blame my bank and hard sell their card.
Where is the time wheel?
Pat & Vanna on 2021-10-23
This latest version has lost the time wheel. Yes there is a time list to choose from, but it is in half hour increments. You have to manually enter anything that isn’t a perfect half hour time increment. This will lead to the company paying for less time than worked or the employee rounding up and the company paying for time that wasn’t worked. I don’t work in an office so my hours are regularly irregular. Give us back the time wheels, please.
App has been down for months now
useless app fix it now on 2021-10-23
For nearly 4 months, every time I log in, all I get is a message that says “ there’s been an error. Please try again later. “ I cannot access my pay stubs to verify my pay is correct. When I contacted my HR administrator (as the app suggested) she tells me it’s a problem with ADP and there’s nothing she can do. Fix the problem!!!! This is completely ridiculous. You’re being paid for a service by my employer and you’re not providing it.
Only Shows Outdated Info!!
NicoleStarr on 2021-10-23
Everyime I login it shows pay statements from May and June I can never access my most recent paystubs its so frustrating that I have to go to HR and ask them to make copies and print out my stubs and HR has given me a number to call only for them to tell me to contact HR its like a dog chasing its tail with the back and forth I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling also resetting the app nothing has worked please Help!!!
Sometimes good, other times horrible
Cornrows ton on 2021-10-23
My company uses this app for HR related things like benefits, time cards, clocking in and out, etc. About 50% of the time it’s useless for clocking in. They have a “quick clock” feature that works about 20% of the time. The app itself is slow and buggy… It feels like it’s under maintenance every other day. Overall, a very meh app. I’m sure they’re are better apps that can do everything this app does and more.
queen352 on 2021-10-23
I love this app. It lets you clock in with ease from the phone especially when you’re running a little behind and trying to clock in on the computer that’s takes its time to load up causing you to be later than expected. It have everything organized and easy to access. It’s very convenient, best decision they could have made when it comes down to your time card and pay stubs.

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