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DISCOVER MILLIONS OF POSSIBILITIES Choose from unique homes—near or far—in many countries around the world. Find everything from getaways near national parks to apartments in the heart of big cities and book right in the app. FIND ONE-OF-A-KIND HOMES Easily explore the world of Airbnb—and discover homes that you wouldn’t have known to look for—with a new way to search designed around Airbnb Categories. These curated collections of homes are chosen for their style, location, or nearby activities, whether you want a design marvel, a stay somewhere tropical, or a place near incredible surfing. STAY LONGER AND EXPERIENCE MORE Split Stays is an innovative new feature that intelligently splits one trip across two homes. Split Stays automatically appear in search results of trips a week or longer—so guests can find more available homes and experience more on their trip. GET AN UNMATCHED LEVEL OF PROTECTION AirCover is the most comprehensive free protection in travel, giving guests the confidence of knowing that if something goes wrong, we have their backs. CHAT WITH YOUR HOST AND CHECK IN EASILY Feel at home, no matter where you are. The Airbnb app lets you chat with your Host, receive up-to-the-minute information about your booking, and make the most of your trip by getting the best info on everything local that only expert Hosts would know. A redesigned Trips tab puts all your must-have travel details in one place. Here you’ll also find check-in details that make it easy to get there, get inside, and get connected to wifi. CHOOSE STAYS THAT MEET YOUR NEEDS Know that every accessibility feature a home has goes through an accessibility review process confirmed by our team of specialists. Easily sort by 13 accessibility search filters, including step-free bedroom access and accessible parking spot. FIND FUN THINGS TO DO Get out and explore with a local expert as your guide—or immerse yourself in a new place right from your couch. Go solo, book a private group event, or join a group and meet someone new. Check out Experiences for any age or interest and book, save, or share your favorite ones—all with the Airbnb app. TRY HOSTING IN 10 EASY STEPS Turn your space into extra income on Airbnb. List it directly from the Airbnb app, then receive the support and guidance you need to get started with hosting. It’s a great way to fund your dreams and inspire someone else’s next big adventure. KNOW YOUR SPACE IS PROTECTED AirCover for Hosts is top-to-bottom protection for every Airbnb Host. It includes $1 million in liability insurance, $1 million in damage protection, and more. It's always included and always free. Only on Airbnb.

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Cancellation fee per Airbnb
allnicknamestaken🤷🏽‍♀️ on 2022-05-17
They should have a different type of cancellation for last minute bookings. For example, I was going down south and I said why not stay by the beach, which I did. The post didn’t say much about parking which unfortunately I assumed was included WRONG so I booked to a nice little hotel by the beach, I then asked the host about the parking which is detrimental for me because I’m not able to walk long distance he then responded we don’t have parking available so I then told him well that’s a no go for me. I went and looked for something else. The conversation was within hrs from when I booked till I said a no go. Tell me why I got charged $228 cancellation fee??😡 talk about mad? I’m like wait it has not even been a full day of my booking and I’m getting charged? So apparently ALL bookings whether is a year, month or days all are under the same umbrella of cancellation, well that’s not fair I put it this way so a person that works a year long and a person that only works one day gets the same pay??? Absolutely not!! I did reached out to the hostess and then I didn’t heard back from him as to why I should get my money back due to the lack of accommodation so I waited and nothing, now 1-2 wks went by I’m like this is not fair so I wrote to the resolution dept to let them know how unfair this ordeal was, the hostess reached out stating he was out on vacation and now the he’s back that he would look in to it. Yes he responded back and fast and did gave me partial the money back but at least he tried and I’m great full but as far as the rules for Airbnb they need to not have the same rule for all ,cause it’s not fair. And again I said that because if a person is able to make plans with plenty of time ahead and others have a last minute plan shouldn’t have to be penalized under the same umbrella period. I decided to give them 3 * cause at the end the hostess came through. And the app has potentials but as far as some accommodations for short stay it’s something that I guess they need to work on. This has change the way I now look at this app for future reservation which quite frankly must likely probably gone use another route. Things happen to me ones two times it’s on me and rarely 3 times so hey for me and my experience it’s kinda like mmmm 🤷🏽‍♀️
Always hesitant of AB&Bank robbery
1proudpop on 2022-05-17
I’d be hesitant as a host with this scamming company. I had a very successful home rented with them and on the simple words of some spoiled guests that complained about having one bed set “refreshed” I lost a 2 month booking the day after check in. I had just left the home after the cleaners, I lived out of state and happened to be there visiting family elsewhere, I was the last to leave that home completely spotless upon locking the door. You can bet I lost out on those dates being booked and Air Scam and Scam kept the money. Insult to injury, their support agent happened to be all the way in Spain and didn’t understand US law that you can have cameras outside the home and not have signage. It was posted in the profile and clearly in the photos of the home listing. So when I caught the guests smoking at a clearly labeled no smoking home I sent the video to them to show they were telling tall tales a second time. Guess what Air BnB did… They kicked me off the service saying I had cameras IN the home and recouped money from a 2 month booking AND the future bookings. The view was clearly outside and it did not matter. I would never use this service again. I made way more money with word of mouth and VRBO. You get a much higher quality guest this way as well. There is no protection for you as an owner and imagine they do this several times a month to people all over. Scam artists. Poor poor business and terrible stealing. Shame on you.
Poor Customer Service
antz408 on 2022-05-17
I booked and paid for my reservation over two months ago. The day of my trip, I flew from California to Georgia. When I exited the plane, I had a bunch of messages from the host stating that Airbnb was supposed to reach out to me to cancel the reservation because of a situation that happened with the previous occupant. At this point I hadn’t received any other communication from the host for Airbnb in regards to this issue. I called Airbnb to figure out what was going on and what were my options. Initially, the representative was helpful however I was offended by what I was offered as a resolve. In preparation for my trip I booked the Airbnb over two months ago and paid almost $800 then. For me to get off the plane and find out that I don’t have a place to stay and all they offered me was a $75 credit towards another Airbnb and a refund of my previous payment within 15 days is absolutely unacceptable. Then to add insult to injury, the representative had the nerve to question with my budget was or how much I could afford to pay for a new reservation. I asked to speak to a manager and I was told that a manager will call me within a half an hour… Never happened. I called back an hour later and was told the same thing… Finally after not getting anywhere with Airbnb I ended up having to spend almost $900 for a hotel. I’ll never use Airbnb again!
Get better IT people
SnizzleFish on 2022-05-17
Airbnb is a great idea and a great way to travel on the cheap. However, I will say as a host, Airbnb blows. I called to report I had covid from working at a hospital and once I submitted my documentation so a guest could cancel for safety before blocking out my calendar for 10 days. They then suspended my account without notifying me in ANY way, then when I called they said it was for safety, and only a week. But the week started AFTER the 10 days I had it blocked out already. However my account was suspended for a YEAR! Nobody could book until next year. I missed out on bookings, and then when it WAS lifted they had unlisted my account! Again, I was not notified. Now I have to wait for another 3 days after manually relisting my account myself, making my account not listed for a month! Their communication is non-existent, and they’re app is NOT user friendly, even for someone in their 20’s. It’s complicated for the hosts and sometimes the trackers as well. DO BETTER
Don’t use this app!!!
Salguodnon on 2022-05-17
We used Airbnb for the first time. Traveling to Just outside of Seattle Washington. We had planned to stay for a week, booked a home, and I am currently in the hospital, with my wife. She went to the ER for severe abdominal pain and had emergency surgery. Plus, this was a new condition, NOTHING she dealt with before. Canceled our flight, 100% refund Canceled our car rental, 100% refund. Canceled our Airbnb… 25% refund. They kept 75% of our money, MONEY WE NOW NEED FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL EXPENSES!!! What did the app say? Sorry, HOW IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY, not an EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCE?!?! The staff at this business said it’s up to the host. The host said cancel through the app. Well, $1,300 is a lot of money I now need for well over $5,000 in medical expenses and that’s not an EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCE!!! Horrible business practice, go to other apps. Don’t use Airbnb, if you have a medical emergency, they will keep your money!
Fix the message notifications please - long-standing issue
HodgesHodges84 on 2022-05-17
Truly amazed this is still an issue, but I can't trust the App badge "unread" notifications. It never accurately reflects the true number of unread messages I have. Airbnb does not clear the badges even after you’ve read all messages. If I quickly read a message then leave the app, it will still say I have an unread message. If I go back into Airbnb and pull down to refresh the message list, only then does it remove the badge. Why is this a big deal? In the scope of life, it’s really not. BUT, for someone who is a Superhost on 2 separate accounts, it kind of does. Frankly, I can't trust the App badge notifications. this is a problem when you think you have new messages and you don't. Or even worse, you think the badge icon is just wrong but you actually DO have multiple unread messages. It's shocking how long this has been an issue, and I hope Airbnb gets their ace team on it. Oh, and allow easier account switching while you're at it.
Automated discrimination
Conan M on 2022-05-17
Very hurtful experience… I am formerly incarcerated yet have made my way to UC Berkeley. I had an internship in Seattle and needed a place for the summer. After booking Airbnb canceled my booking and deactivated my account. Airbnb said they have an appeals process because: “Our mission to create more belonging in the world means making space for people to demonstrate rehabilitation and live their best lives, while helping to keep our community safe.” This is not true, they gave me links that did not work and just sent me in circles. Airbnb are increasing the spaces that someone like me who has done everything they are supposed to reform can not be. This discrimination is unique because it is at scale and growing the areas people like me can not be. If you have loved ones that have records, please refrain from using this app. It is further marginalizing us who are already vulnerable to being displaced.
Smurk. on 2022-05-17
- My boyfriend and I decided to book first time air bnb in Houston, Texas. We booked with a lady named “Ashley.” Worst host ever. We booked a month in advance to our trip. We were notified that we were refunded because the owners previously damaged the place. But we decided to book with her again because she said everything would be ready. We got there and TV was not working properly and couch broke as soon as we sat back on it. We also had a few guests over.. NOT FOR A PARTY. but for a get together and we were charged 75$ per person. Also a 500$ fee because it was a “party.” Also a smoking fee because one of our guests hit a vape in THE GARAGE, not in the apartment itself because i made it known we could not smoke in there, so they didnt. She is making false accusations and making us pay 922$ in total after we had just paid around close to 700$ for 5 days. This is AIR BNB fraud. This is ridiculous.
van030405 on 2022-05-17
i have had zero issues with this app until recently where I have been restricted from booking any type of house no matter what city. Contacted customer service several times and was told that they could not do anything about it because they could not override the system. I asked when this restriction was going to be lifted and was told they do not know. The customer service rep then responded that I could book a hotel or room on the app instead. What is the point of restricting someone for booking houses on Airbnb that is the entire point of the app. ESPECIALLY WHEN I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING TO BE RESTRICTED. I have several positive reviews and not one complaint. They really messed up with this so much money is being lost and this is a huge inconvenience. If I wanted to book a hotel why would I use the air bnb app I want to book a house…..
5/13/22 Glitchy App Post-Update, but Good Experiences with the Company
Abigail Hostetter on 2022-05-17
After a search by location, the app’s map feature no longer works. For example, I searched for locations in Florida. A ton came up. When I tried to zoom in, as I have done for years without issue, the app switched to Map view and completely surrendered Florida. Suddenly, I have places from half of south and central America listed too. When I tried to zoom in on Florida again, the map gives up and disappears completely. At this point, an app I used just recently without a problem is effectively useless. I thought I might just need to install the latest update, but it looked and acted the same afterwards. I’ve had phenomenal experiences with the company itself, but if they don’t fix this, the app is basically not useable unless you don’t care where in the world you end up!

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