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YOUR FRIEND IN FINANCE Combining human guidance with cutting-edge technology, Albert automates your financial life — so you can be free to enjoy it. Build savings, meet bills, end the overspending cycle and develop your financial IQ, right from the palm of your hand. Download now to see why Forbes, Huffington Post, The New York Times and others have recommended Albert. INVEST FROM ANYWHERE Take your money to the next level with Albert Investments. Even if you have zero experience, you can put your money to work with commission-free investments. Let Albert customize an automatic, diversified portfolio for you or mix and match to build your own. SAVING GOALS IN REACH Whether you want to pay off debt or book a dream vacation, Albert puts your goals in reach with automatic savings. We identify dollars you won't miss throughout the week, then set them aside for what's important. GENIUS ADVICE + HUMAN WISDOM Meet Albert Genius: a revolutionary feature offering guidance from our team of financial experts, or "geniuses." Our geniuses are real people, not bots, with knowledge that covers most financial areas. They work alongside the app to improve your financial health and provide personalized advice. Questions about investment plans? Meeting your bills? Paying off credit cards? Send us a text and we'll get to work. Some topics our geniuses cover: Budgeting • Credit cards • College savings • Insurance • Investments • Debt • Retirement • Student loans ALWAYS WORKING FOR YOU We work in the background to spot unfamiliar charges, find extra savings and identify bills to lower. We send smart alerts in real-time, putting an end to financial surprises so you can stay on top of your money. PRAISE FROM THE PRESS ⁃ "The Albert app provides a personalized savings account and can look at car insurance policies and credit cards to find better deals. Banks are racing to catch up with such digital advances." — NEW YORK TIMES ⁃ "Dying for an app that takes the math out of budgeting? Albert would be the best choice for you." — FORBES ⁃ "For a clear picture of where my spending is going, access to advice and suggestions for where to improve, I'll definitely stick with Albert." — HUFFINGTON POST FEATURES • A custom financial plan • Our on-demand support team of real financial geniuses • Albert Savings: the cutting-edge feature created to help reach your goals faster • Albert Investments: our commission-free service that helps anyone become an investor • Smart alerts for rising bills, bank fees and new subscription charges • Automatic account syncing puts all your finances in one clean interface • Thousands of supported U.S. financial institutions • 24-7 account monitoring for fraud and fees SECURITY • Your peace of mind is our highest priority. • Albert uses cutting-edge technology to protect your most sensitive information. INSURANCE • Funds in your Albert Savings account are FDIC-insured. Should anything happen to the member bank or company holding your savings, you'll be insured for up to $250,000 of your money in the account. • Funds in your Albert Investments account are SIPC-protected. This is a more limited protection against the loss of securities and cash held at a member firm up to $500,000 in the event the firm fails. This does not protect the securities you own from going down in value if the market changes. Albert Investments, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor. Albert can only offer investment services to clients where Albert and its representatives are properly licensed. The content posted is solely to inform. Investments are risky: you could lose money, and past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Albert is only available to U.S. residents who are 18+. For more information, see our Form ADV Part II and our Terms of Use at

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Don’t ever change bank accounts with this!
asknickfowler on 2020-01-26
I liked Albert until I changed back accounts. I closed the original bank account I had linked with Albert after opening a new bank account. I linked my new bank account with Albert, and then Albert would not let me withdraw my funds in Albert. They said I could only withdraw funds to my originally linked bank account - even though that bank account no longer existed. Long story short, they’ve refused to return my money and I’ve had to get an attorney involved. They are requiring documentation on a bank account that no longer exists (I didn’t keep any statements from that bank, can no longer log into it, it’s no longer local - out of state, and I didn’t take a screenshot of anything confirming the account closed MONTHS before I decided to make a withdrawal from Albert when Albert is requiring all these documentation just to access my money.) And nope! Providing my identification and proof of address was not enough for them, they would only offer to return my money to me if I could provide proof that the original account closed. So - in the end: Albert works great as long as you never change bank accounts and decide you want to pull your money out of the Albert savings.
Use Truebill instead
distanceswimmer3 on 2020-01-26
I have been vetting various services for money management and this is probably the most frustrating one I have encountered. Some of the perks like bonuses sound great but they do not outweigh the pain points. The app is finicky in linking banks so I have had money in limbo for both savings and investment for several days. The investment component is particularly frustrating because you can’t close your Albert account with an open investment account. Well Albert has been “verifying” my bank for over a week even though it’s the same bank I’m already linked to for spending analysis (Charles Schwab). This is their way of locking you into their service because now I can’t close my account. I have been in touch with support and have followed all instructions from them. The issue was deemed complicated and moved to another team last week. It’s still not resolved (bank still pending link)and they have stopped responding so now I have no idea if I will ever get my money back and be able to close this account and permanently delete this headache of an app. If you want something similar without the headache I strongly suggest using Truebill instead.
Overall disappointing
Ty Younce on 2020-01-26
Albert has been an okay but not great tool. Albert has given me good advice when texting with questions, and the answers are always very thorough and informative. I like the way the savings works, except for the delay to receive withdrawals. However, I’ve been pretty disappointed with the actual budgeting tools. My first issue was that you can’t select biweekly pay, only once or twice a month or weekly. It does a very poor job of detecting income and transactions automatically; when I manually enter information, it’s still confused. I manually added my new twice a month payment schedule and amount, and it listed my next two paychecks as the 31st of this month and 15th of the next and skipped the 15th of this month, making it appear that I have half my usual budget. That’s just an example of the often clunky and inaccurate budgeting tool. It can take days before the budgeting information is updated, even if I refresh my bank account and credit cards. I can only track one of the cards that I use from the same company. While I like the value added services on this app, the primary service is a big let down.
Highly recommend to early 20 somethings like me
kylajanellee on 2020-01-26
So, I'm not the worst at saving money, but it's still kind of hard to do it right and know how much to put away and stuff like that. Albert does it automatically. The smart savings feature has saved my life. I have saved so much money by it just taking small increments that it knows I can afford on a regular basis. I am paying $5 a month but to me it is beyond worth it. I like having this money set aside that's not easily accessible to me but I can retrieve whenever I want. It also shows me what I'm spending it on so it can guilt me into eating out less. If you're a young adult like myself and need to start saving for life but don't know where to start, this is the app for you. My only reason for 4 stars is that it really keeps pushing me towards investments and I wish there was a way to just make that go away because I'm not interested in that. Sometimes the notifications can get pushy so I turned them off. And it's hard to adjust my income.
Loveisourweapon on 2020-01-26
I downloaded this app awhile ago, looked at it and decided to delete it. It still decided to charge my account $5 a month and I already deleted it off my phone. Trying to cancel the app subscription has been a horrendous experience. I was told to text “Albert” to cancel my subscription and “Albert” coincidentally has completely stopped responding all together to my messages. So I try to log onto my account after downloading the app AGAIN to try and figure out how to cancel it. Now since I only used it once, and promptly deleted it I can’t remember my password. So I go to reset the password. Now Albert won’t even text or email me the password reset link so I can’t log in to cancel my subscription. This has been the worst experience I’ve ever had with any app.
Customer Service is Terrible!!
llr18 on 2020-01-26
Trying to get in touch with a customer service representative for this app is beyond dissatisfying!! I’ve been texting this number for over an hour now with no response. To find a support email just to get an automated response to text the pointless number I’m not getting a response from. You all keep saying my repayment is pending and it has already posted as a completed transaction. You all are holding my account for no reason it’s been well beyond 2-3 business days. If takes this long to process a repayment there’s no point in borrowing money from you all. I just want everything deleted at this point I’m over it! I wouldn’t recommend anyone download this app at this point! I can’t wait to be completely done with this janky app!!
$6 monthly charge
sneaky-fees-albert on 2020-01-26
I noticed this monthly charge on my bank account even after I turned all of the features.. I realized that Albert was charging me $6/month for just keeping my account open without features! I then tried to cancel my account through the app which said to message the bot via sms. I sent it two messages without a response after which I had to resort to the generic support email. Never trusting this sneaky app again. Edit: there’s nothing to clarify Albert. You should simply make it more accessible for users to cancel membership THROUGH the app. Instead, the app directs you message a bot via SMS that’s unresponsive. My membership was cancelled only after contacting the support email with my information.
Rocky start
Idontwannaeataface on 2020-01-26
I understand that Albert instant is new but there is already issues with it. The repayment dates don’t sink up with my actual paycheck deposit schedule. This created an issue where I’m being charged 5 days before my paycheck for money that isn’t in my account. On top of that I was charged for genius which I’m 99.9% sure I didn’t even sign up for, and canceled immediately once I saw the charge. They do not offer refunds on the genius program so I had to just eat the money they charge for it. With slow replies from customer service, this app is not worth more than 2 stars at the moment. I hope to see improvements soon because it is creating more issues than its fixing at this point.
theprezistheillest on 2020-01-26
I had just downloaded the app but after reading the reviews I am just going to save myself the trouble. And also advertising as a cash advance but having a wait list of over 250,000 is a little extra and misleading so I am going to go ahead and save myself the trouble and cancel my account all of the help I see here from Albert support seem to be automated messages that don’t really answer the customers questions just gives them an automated response to some key words the customer used in their review. Dave is better I suggest switching over and using Dave if you all don’t want money stolen from you
Don’t do it
Ka$hvillian2 on 2020-01-26
So I thought this was a great app too try! Since I had a lot of success with brigit and Dave. This app has taking 77 plus 25 dollars in 2 days. Which I didn’t authorize! So now I have to wait 3-5 business days to get money. That’s mine and on top of that I closed the automatic savings and money is still deducted. Only reason why I haven’t shut my acct down was because I’m waiting on my refund. At this point this is consider theft. So I’m filing a police report and reporting this to the BBB. Like how can you take 102. But haven’t even distributed funds . I’m good on this app!

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